Free City of Lor Asir

Lor Asir, officially the Free City of Lor Asir, is a sovereign state located at the base of the Deler Delta in the Rahigina Desert. The city-state controls most of the villages that lie in the fertile delta.

The city is governed by a council of wealthy merchants known as the Delerian Council, but the most influential families are the Alnids and the Kekistis.



The Prince or Princess of the Free City of Lor Asir is the country's head of state. Their duty is to negotiate deals with foreign leaders and merchants. The head of state has the power to veto decisions made by the Delerian Council and the Chancellor, but they can't make changes on their own.


The Chancellor is the head of government. They have the power to change the laws of Lor Asir.

Delerian Council

The Delerian Council consists of people from the eight most influential merchant families in Lor Asir. The Council lacks the power to make changes, they can only advise the heads of state and government.
Geopolitical, Free City
Lor Asirian
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories


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