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Dhelian's List of Wonderful Worlds


This article contains personal opinions.

  There are tons of beautiful worlds out there on World Anvil with gorgeous artwork, great writing, and excellent formatting so I figured I'd share some of the worlds I enjoy reading the most on this great website. Looking at how other people create worlds is an excellent way to learn more about worldbuilding. Seeing how they put their articles together can teach you what an enjoyable and easy to follow layout looks like, and it can inspire you to push yourself further, always improving all the skills you need to grab people's attention.

5 - Vardania by Darkseid

Darkseid's Vardania is an excellent example of a world that doesn't use the fancy tools that the higher tiered guild members of World Anvil benefit from. Despite that disadvantage, his world has managed to gather a fairly large amount of followers thanks to his ability to grip readers with the words that he has written.
  Darkseid also makes good use of BBCode for formatting his articles, and he actively participates in many of the World Anvil community challenges.


4 - Celenia: Cinders of the Cataclysm by Toblin

Toblin's Cinders of the Cataclysm is a Cyberpunk world that has unique species, a creepy Processor, and a very neat thing about it is that its development can be followed by viewing his streams over on Twitch.
  Not only is Toblin a wonderful worldbuilding wizard, but he is also a knowledgable chap who is developing his very own tabletop roleplaying game which is compatible with his worlds.


3 - Calyria by Davina

Calyria is a world I would be terrified to write, but seeing Davina make it emboldens me to be braver. I may not have read as many of her articles as I've read of most of the other people on this list, but the very first article I read from her world had a tremendous impact on me.
  Davina's use of subscriber groups inspired the selectable cultures that I created for my other world, Pekkola.


2 - Araea by Qurilion

Everyone and their mother knows and already follows Araea. If you're somehow unaware of its existence, please go there and remedy that mistake.
  Qurilion's articles motivated me to improve the formatting of my own articles, and his presence over on Discord got me talking with the rest of the World Anvil community. The dude is incredibly creative, and the articles he has about the regions of his world are very inspirational.


1 - Morlea by Ninne

I was hesitant to put Morlea in first place since Ninne is a very good friend of mine, but her world is also the only large world that I have read completely. No matter what Ninne herself might say, Morlea deserves this spot in my list.
  The world has got its dark themes, but in general, it makes me feel oddly happy and comfortable. One of the impressive aspects of Morlea is the sheer amount of custom artwork Ninne has created for it. Her other world, Dark-Fall, is also brilliant, but as I've contributed to it by assisting with the CSS and creating maps for it, I placed it in the honourable mentions instead.

Honourable Mentions

Ethnis by Ademal
Alpha Centuari by CatRobi
Dark-Fall by Ninne124
Ménicéa by Happy4488
Qet by Timepool
The Web by Dylonishere123
The Necro-Industrial Complex by Qurilion

My Worlds

Not everyone who follows Lethea is aware of my other worlds, so I shall take this opportunity to plug them as well. Hopefully, you shall find them entertaining or perhaps even as inspirational as the worlds I have showcased here in this article.


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20 May, 2020 19:22

A very carefully hand picked list. Many of the worlds I agree with and currently follow, and I am pleased that you exposed me to others. Thank you.

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