Battle System Mechanics

Battlemages focus on dealing a lot of damage from a distance but unlike with normal artillery units, battlemages can't gain ammunition from supply units. After using their more powerful spells to inflict barrage attacks on their foes, the battlemages can use simpler spells that don't take ammunition and use their missile stats instead.
Great long-range damage
Faster than artillery
Devastating for enemy morale
Almost no Damage Reduction
Unable to regain ammunition during a battle
Deadly when used properly, devastating when not.
— General Kril Lorje


Artillery damage radius
To perform a barrage attack with battlemages, the commander has to choose a hex that the battlemage battery can target. This hex has to be within range and sight. Once the target has been chosen, the battery will prepare to barrage the hex. The attack will happen at the start of the battlemage battery's next turn and all units damaged by it will take double morale damage.

The unit within the hex will take 100% of the damage and the surrounding units will take half of that.

Most artillery and battlemage units have the Artillery Barrage special ability.

Artillery Barrage

This unit can do a barrage attack against an enemy unit in sight. The enemy will take 1d100 + (barrage stat + other bonuses) damage and the attack will bypass all Damage Resistance. This ability costs 4 ammunition.  


Missile attacks don't require ammunition, but the battlemages also can't regain any ammunition during a battle.

Battlemage Unit
Manpower 10
Damage Reduction 8
Morale 40
Missile 2
Melee 0
Barrage 20

Pursuing -
Medic -
Repair 0

Speed 4
Range 10

Ammunition 6
Stealth 4

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