Sunhaven Gym

Purpose / Function

The Sunhaven Gym is used as an inside-out aquarium, and thus as a giant tourist attraction. It is also used as an unofficial outpost for the coast guard and the corpse divers squad, lead by Leader Valai.
In addition to that, it is used as a Pokémon gym (duh), lead by Valai as well, who specialized in Water Type Pokémon.


The dome is a half-sphere of glass, built on a solid round block of dark concrete. The radius of the sphere - and thus the height of the dome - is roughly 20 meters. The ground is covered in black pool mats.
Below the pool mats, there are a total of 300 air holes, connected to a giant underground ventilation system. The tunnels of the ventilation system are accessible through a secret and locked trap door, which is covered by a bath mat as well. The tunnels are just broad enough for a facility manager to walk through them, so they can refill the Oxigen bottles and empty the Carbon.
A concrete tunnel on the Southern side goes straight out from the sphere, where it is close to the ground.It has an electric doorway on the bottom, which can be connected to a U-boat.
Near the walls, there are a couple of metal signs, describing the Pokémon and plants that can be seen from inside the dome.
Across the entire dome, there are long tables with benches attached to the ground. Only in the middle, there is an area whithout any tables. Instead, there are benches around that central area, placed like in an arena. Here, the gym battles take place.
Alternative Names
Sunhaven Dome
World wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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15 Feb, 2019 12:34

I like the concept and love the Pokemon world.   The description is a little confusing, or maybe i'm just tired.   Why does the gym have air/carbon scrubbers? wouldn't it make more sense for an air tube to be run to the surface and simply run through a pressurization chamber?   How do the coast guard and diving corpse utilize the gym and why? Where are they quartered? Where do they keep supplies? Where and how do they do training? Where do they send or keep law breakers attackers? Where do they keep rescued people/Pokemon? Do they stabilize the rescued for transport to a better equipped facility or treat and care for them on sight?   Is the only entrance to the gym via U-Boat umbilical? or is there a pressurized diving/submersible bay?

15 Feb, 2019 12:51

So, one important detail I forgot is how deep the dome is. This is also the reason why there are no air tubes to the surface: It would require about as much glass for the tube as for the entire dome itself, since it's almost a kilometer deep, and tubes must be thicker than half-spheres to withstand the same pressure.   The corpse divers are people who dive for corpses, to bring them to land so they can have a burial. This is not the same as a diving corpse.   They and the coast guard frequently use the dome to get a better view into the water, since any view from within a u-boat is heavily limited. They also often use it for their lunch break, just because of the beautiful view.   I have not yet made an article on the corpse divers and coast guard, and I might not do one, so I wanna answer your questions about them here as well, although they are not the focus of the article:
The coast guard's first priority is to bring drowning people to land. This includes those who try to get to the dome on their own, but fail to do so. This is why it's often quicker to bring them to the dome, and carry them to land in a u-boat from there.
Every coast guard and corpse diver has a powerful water-type Pokémon that can breathe under water and make a water-bubble for their trainer, so that they can stay under water for at least half an hour together, searching for corpses and those who could become one. The "half hour"-mark is a necessary criteria for a person to become a corpse diver.
Coast guards, just like irl-coast guards, only do first aid on their patients, and bring drowned people or those who got attacked by a Pokémon right to the hospital, which is located on the other side of the city.