Route 4

Route 4 connects Scraper City and West City. It is the shortest route of the region, with only a few kilometers in length. To the west, the outer arms of the Color River's delta are barely visible. To the east, the vision onto the far farmland is blocked by the highway between the big cities. Due to the wind mostly blowing from the West, the odor from the West Island Dump can be smelled in this town. The route is usually traversed by manual workers and motor bikers.

Flora & Fauna

In Route 4, most Pokémon that are still around were brought here by humans: Timburr and Gurdurr multiplied quite quickly when humans first released them here after completed work. And the Klinks that are around also come from the old factories of West City. Only the Grubbin and Charjabug that are around came here willingly, to suck on the catenary wires that lead from Scraper City to West City.
Route 4.png
Coast / Shore
Location under
Lesho Region


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