This goes to Crossington, and this, and this as well...
— Every Gym Leader, constantly


Crossington is the Melting Pot of the Lesho Region: People from all the other regions come here for shopping trips, culinary journeys, and even to visit the local Pokémon League. Most people that actually live here are either merchants, diplomats, or work in the gastronomy.


Crossington is the biggest trade city of the Lesho Region. This is partially due to the fact that it has the second biggest harbor right after Sunhaven, is located quite centrally, has a direct connection to the Pokémon League HQ and is also located right next to the routes where rice and spices - which are the most common physical export goods - are most commonly cultivated.


Besides very well built roads and sewage throughout the city, Crossington also has a hydroelectric power plant, which provides Electricity to the Northern half of the region. It is mainly used by West City, Crossington itself and the Pokémon League HQ.
Additionally, a railroad leads from Crossington all the way to the Pokémon League HQ. It is used to transport goods to the League HQ, and can also be used by civilians - who often do not have a flying Pokémon to carry them around - to get to the League HQ in case of emergency.
For trade and travel reasons, Crossington also has a big river harbor, which leads straight to the North coast. It is mainly used for spice and tea exports, for fashion imports, as well as for tourists coming from all over the world, or leaving the Lesho region to visit whatever is all around the world.


Crossington is home to the biggest shopping mall of the Region, the so-called Criss-Crossington Mall. It provides not only the typical potions and balls that you can get in every Pokémon Center, but also...
  • Newest Fashion (including a character sprite)
  • Evolution Stones
  • A new Background for your game ;)
  • Restaurants of all prize classes for humans and Pokémon

Guilds and Factions

Despite the proximity to the Pokémon League HQ, the Crossington Trade Clan Office is located in Crossington. This does make sense though, as being near the most common trade gateway makes it easy to control exactly that gateway.
Alternative Name(s)
Train City
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Lesho Region
Characters in Location
The Crossington Gym
Crossington is home to Gym Leader Enoras, who specializes in Flying Type Pokémon. The gym is inside of a Lighthouse, which was built for this sole purpose, since the harbor is a river harbor and doesn't need a lighthouse.
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16 Dec, 2018 19:46

Melting pot lol no more grammar after that i saw but I don't look. I like it and wonder exactly why the biggest mall was built here. Is it just because of its location in the map?

16 Dec, 2018 19:50

The location is really the main reason. It's at least the reason why Crossington was chosen over Sunhaven. And it was chosen over every other city because you need a big harbor next to it, considering that fashion is almost exclusively import ware in the Lesho Region.

16 Dec, 2018 19:50

P.S.: Thank you very much for the <3 ^^

16 Dec, 2018 19:53

You very welcome and if its imported, why. Why has no one decided to take advantage of the void? Cheaper clothing almost like knockoff? Has thisnoccured at all?

16 Dec, 2018 19:56

Trade in Lesho is almost entirely controlled by the Trade Clan aka Trade Guild, and they recognize that spices are just more efficient than clothing, since import clothes are already pretty cheap. (points at all the clothes we wear in the west, which is usually produced in Asia)

16 Dec, 2018 19:57

Ahhh touche.