Color City

As you enter the town after getting the Win over Vivo, the first thing you see is flowers. Most house walls in color city are made from massive concrete, covered in wild - and some not so wild - flowers. The flower tower in the middle of the plaza rises majestically into the air, without overshadowing the scene, but instead complementing the sun that is shining down. This is a place where you could spend more time in. But you are here for one reason: The gym battle.


Color City is seperated into four parts, divided by the main street going from North to South, and the Color River flowing from East to West. In the middle, there is a broad bridge leading over the River. The town features a colorful market, a public rooftop-garden, as well as a Pokémon Center and the Color City Gym.


The buildings in Color City are almost all made out of a solid ferroconcrete with systematic holes in them. This allows wild flowers to grow on them without destroying the wall structure. They also all have flat roofs, which allows for roof top gardens. Some houses' rooftops are also interconnected with wooden bridges in order to connect them to a public roof top garden. The street is made from flat natural rocks. The Gym looks like a Greenhouse, and the PokéCenter blends in with the rest of the town's architecture, despite not having a roof top garden but instead a set of solar panels, which were installed before the transition time from the Northern power plant to the Southern one.
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