Chapter 2: On your way to Color City

The Team

Your travel through Route 1 and Route 2 was successful, and you were able to strengthen your Reedling quite a bit, fighting all these wild Pokémon and Youngsters around. But not only did you train Reedling, but you also increased the team.
Right when you entered Route 1, a wild Starly attacked you. You had learned from Professor Cinnamon how to catch Pokémon, and you also got yourself a handfull of Pokéballs before leaving Young Dock Town. So when the Starly approaches you, diving down from the sky, you immediatly pull Reedling's Pokéball from your belt.
"GO REEDLING, PROTECT ME!", you yell. And sure enough, Reedling knows what to do. It uses vine whip, slamming Starly to the side in just the right moment. But despite the heavy hit, Starly doesn't seem hurt at all. It just looks at you angrily. And it looks. It starts flapping its wings. It is comming for you once again.
"Another Vine Whip!", you yell, but when Reedling starts to grow out the vines from its head to hit with, Starly rapidly changes directions and attacks Reedling directly. You don't even see the attack, so quickly did it happen. This must be Quick Attack, you think to yourself. A very fast Normal-type move; and Starly is also a Normal-type, so it deals even more damage. Reedling squeeks, but he still stands.
"Are you okay, buddy?", you say, as you grab a Pokéball from your bag. He nods - which looks pretty odd without arms and shoulders. "It resists your Grass Type moves, let's try something else", you say, planning to go for a Tackle next time. But there's no time to give further instructions. Starly still seems untouched, and comes flying again - this time aiming right for Reedling. But right before it can hit, Reedling throws a huge amount of Sand into the air.
What was that? you think, but the next thing you see is Starly. Not hitting Reedling with its Quick Attack, but instead hitting the air. "You learned a new move? Awesome! Now, attack it with Tackle!"
Not seeing where it gets hit, Starly is an easy target. The empty Pokéball is still in your hand, and as you notice that Starly seems hit much harder than before, you decide that now is the right time.
You throw the ball, and Starly disappears in it.
A red light flashes shortly.
Then another.
Reedling is standing ready to attack again.
Another flash of light.
Then a clicking noise. You caught Starly.
You learned quickly, that Starly likes to challenge itself. From this moment on, you were training a second Pokémon.
With the help of Starly, you also caught Houndour. According to your Pokédex, he is a pack hunter, and his skills in communication are unparalleled throughout all the Pokémon that there are. How fitting, that you are getting not one, but two pack hunters into your team.
With your pack ready to start hunting badges, you make your way to Color City.


You can already see the flower-covered house walls and colorful tents of Color City, when you hear a voice calling you over. "Hey! You don't wanna challenge Emil before giving me my revenge do you?" It is Vivo. Apparently, she waited there for you. "Com'on show me your best battle techniques this time i will beat you I swear" and thus, the battle begins!
The Teams

Vivo's Team

Silcoon Lv.10 (Bug/-) Oddish Lv.10 (Grass/Poison) Dugly Lv. 12 (Water/-)
Ability: Shed Skin Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Torrent
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) String Shot (Bug/ Status/ -)
Harden (Normal/ Status/ -)
Absorb (Grass/ Special/ 20) Growth (Normal/ Status/ -)
Sweet Scent (Normal/ Status/ -) Acid (Poison/ Special/ 40)
Echoed Voice (Normal/ Special/ 40) Bubble (Water/ Special/ 40)
Water Sport (Water/ Status/ -) Growl (Normal/ Status/ -)

Your Team

Houndour Lv.10 (Fire/Dark) Stary Lv.10 (Normal/Flying) Reedling Lv. 12 (Grass/-)
Ability: Flash Fire Ability: Keen Eye Ability: Overgrow
Leer (Normal/ Status/ -) Ember (Fire/ Special/ 40)
Howl (Normal/ Status/ -) Smog (Poison/ Special/ 30)
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Growl (Normal/ Status/ -)
Quick Attack (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Wing Attack (Flying/ Physical/ 60)
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Vine Whip (Grass/ Physical/ 40)
Sand Attack (Ground/ Status/ -) Lick (Ghost/ Physical/ 30)

The battle

The battle begins, and your Houndour has to face off against Vivo's Silcoon, the Cocoon Pokémon. It slows down your Houndour with a String Shot, but the Ember is too strong, and its ability to Harden its shell is of no use against this special attack.
As you want to give every Pokémon of your team - or better: your pack - a chance to prove themselves, you draw back Houndour, despite him barely being hurt by Silcoon's tackles, and send out Starly. Again, you have the type advantage, as Vivo sends out her Oddish, the Weed Pokémon. Starly's Wing Attack does easy damage - although, this time, Vivo's Pokémon doesn't just watch. Oddish' Acid is a strong Poison Type move for such a small Pokémon, and it deals a significant amount of damage back.
But in the end, Oddish gets beaten, and the final showdown starts: The showdown of the starter Pokémon. You already know that you have the type advantage, and Dugly's newly learned move growl is not enough of an intimidation for your Reedling to lose its pace. The fight is over.
"Maybe you are winning for now but just you wait until I have the strongest Pokémon of them all I promise you I will be the very best Pokémon trainer of the entire Lesho region!"


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