27's Notebook

The content of this article is a follow-up of the happenings in Chapter 7: The Trade Guild. If you haven't done so already, read it first.

After getting the Notebook from Evi and leaving the building, making sure nobody has seen you, you start inspecting the notebook. Leader Lona didn't say anything when you got it, and seems like she is fine letting you have it. You decide that Lona is not the person you want to talk to about it, and that you should tell Leader Amanita... After reading it of course.
The notebook is completely black from the outside. The paper is surprisingly normal though - just a usual A4 notebook with ruled paper. You start reading in the top right corner.

Document Structure


27's Notebook is divided by pages. It seems like every page contains the notes of one meeting. Every meeting only contains a single, quite narrow topic.

Record, Memo
West City
Publication Status Absolutely Top Secret property of The Trade Clan


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