The Empire of Light


The Empire of Light, formerly known as Aegion, was founded by Julius I Tarracus who was encouraged by Fiorenzo I ton conquer all of Echorix for the Lord of Light.   This wouldn't be an easy task, as Aegion was surrounded by much stronger kingdoms, and so Tarracus married off his sisters and himself in the hopes of starting multiple personal alliances, and he succeeded. Michino and Gentura joined Aegion, and so Julius began his 5-year conquest.   In the year 4 BL, Julius was wrapping up his campaign when he stumbled upon the fierce defenders of The Celestus , who were backed by multiple groups, including the entirety of the magic community. The battles for the Celestus were fierce, but the Empire prevailed, and managed to extinguish The Order of the Rose at the Battle at Celestus during the First War of the Light .   After the war, Julius announced that the year is now 0 AL, and that a new era of enlightenment was ushered in. Immediately, the empire begun prosecuting those who followed the Order of the Rose and its allies, the members were brutally executed in public by being burned alive. All other religions besides The Religion of Light was banned, those who continued to practice a faith other than the Religion of Light, met a similarly cruel fate.   The citizenry became tamed, and no longer felt the urge to resist. The order of the Rose was no more, the Celestus is presumed to be a ruin and the Citadel has been banished. Books that paint the religion of the empire in a bad light were burned, and in general, knowledge and advancement were frowned upon and many libraries were burned as a result. These would be to the rest of the world known as the Dark Age of Echorix.   Only the Northern Kingdom of Helvianir has so far stood against the Empire.   In 219 AL, Empress Evangelia Tarracus and Fiorenzo IV announced that they now would enforce the ban put on magic users and other magic things. Magic beings and users have been rounded up and put into labor camps or worse, executed in a similar manner as those who once fought against the empire. As a result, the empire has seen a massive exodus of peoples and families to the Northern Kingdom or other nations more open to what in reality, was an acceptable way of life.   Meanwhile, entire ecologies are destroyed as the magical species helping those ecological systems are hunted to extinction.

Non est nisi unus Deus

Founding Date
0 AL
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Head of State
Evangelia Tarracus
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
The Lumos is the official currency of the Empire of Light. It's a coin-based currency, which exists in Copper, Silver, and Gold. Copper is the lowest denomination, while Gold is the highest.
Legislative Body
The Emperor and their Most Loyal Council and the Illuminator are responsible for all the laws in the Empire, and even beyond.
Judicial Body
The Emperor and his Most Loyal Council can pass judgement on other nobles, Nobles can pass judgment on Knights, and Knights can pass judgement on the Civilian Population.
Official State Religion
The Religion of Light
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities


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