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Ellery Adyra

"Humans despise me, the rebellion distrusts me; all I ever wanted to do was return home."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slim, moderately fit, but not as bulky or with as much raw power as the average Centaur

Body Features

The hair on Ellery's body is all caramel to dark Caramel except for a small area which is white with dark brown dappled patterning. He has freckles on his entire torso up.

Facial Features

Ellery has soft, youthful facial features; he has always been embarrassed of his ears, which are actually small for Centaur ears, because he believes they are too big.

Identifying Characteristics

Ellery has a brand on his left shoulder with the emblem of the Adyra Trading Company

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ellery was born on a cold winter night under an old ash tree on the manor of Vesryn Adyra. Ellery's mother, who had seen uprisings and escapes in the wake of an attack on the Adyra household, decided to escape with her newborn in the dead of night. Her plan failed, however, and the newly crowned Vesryn Adyra commanded his guards to bring the female Centaur down. Upon removing her body, however, they found a Centaur colt in her arms. Unsure of what to do, Vesryn brought the child to his home.   Vesryn's wife, Kaylin, saw the boy and was reminded of her newly-passed son, Saevel. She begged her husband to keep the child. Initially, Vesryn agreed, believing she would grow out of the attachment once they had another child. Her attachment never faded, even after Meira and Ilbryn were born.

Arophi & Ellery Commission

Commission - Arophi Ellery by Floofin

  Kaylin taught Ellery to speak and read Common, but forbade him from going to school with Meira and Ilbryn, as she and her husband believed some lessons may be above him. Still, Ellery faithfully walks his “siblings” to their instructors and back home every day. He has nothing to do with Vesryn's exploitation of other Centaurs on his property, instead residing near the Adyra’s manor.


Instructed by Kaylin, mostly in languages and arts

Accomplishments & Achievements

Through training by his adopted mother, Kaylin, Ellery is adept at the art of cultivating Dwarf Tree.

Intellectual Characteristics

Observant, spiritual, and contemplative

Personality Characteristics


Ellery hopes to bring an end to the war and make up for the wrongdoings of his family. He also wants to return home to them when the conflict is over.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Due to Kaylin's education, he has very good penmanship, and is talented at the art of cultivating Dwarf Trees. He has quite the green thumb, though unfortunately, doesn't get to show this as much as he would like after leaving Dorhana.

Likes & Dislikes

Ellery prefers to stay in his comfort zone more than the average person, and would much rather stay at home reading or doing other activities there than be out in public.

Virtues & Personality perks

Perhaps Ellery’s greatest strength is his ability to listen. He does not judge others, and that is evident in the way he responds when people confide in him. Empathetic and sensitive, he is very easily able to put himself in another’s position.

Vices & Personality flaws

As mentioned earlier, he very much tends not to judge. This can, however, make him blind to the flaws of others, especially those he is close to. He doesn’t tend to think critically about his relationships, and merely goes along with those he loves.   Ellery takes criticism very personally. If not phrased right, negative feedback can lead him to emotionally shut down and remove himself from the situation. He internalizes criticism and it upsets him; this makes working on improving himself difficult.

Personality Quirks

When nervous, Ellery will rub his scalp or run his hands through his hair. When self-conscious or embarrassed, he can often be seen tugging or rubbing at his ear.


While Ellery isn’t obsessive about his personal hygiene, he does find the feeling of dirt in his fur and hooves to be a great annoyance. He detests getting into bed dirty or dusty. Though he won’t complain about getting dirty, he much prefers to stay clean. His hygiene routine often takes much longer than normal because he refuses to ask for help, which would be normal in Centaur culture.


Contacts & Relations

Ellery has a sibling-like relationship with Arophi

Religious Views

The Adyra household was a firm believer in the goddess Kaika, and thus, so is Ellery. Unlike Vesryn , Ellery merely fears worshipers of other gods, not despise them.

Social Aptitude

Though he is soft spoken, Ellery doesn’t generally fear speaking in public when he has something to say. While not a great speaker by any means, he also doesn’t fail to articulate what he has to say. In intense debates, he can get overpowered due to his inability to interrupt or speak over someone. He listens carefully in discussion, so he tends to be informed on opposing positions.


Ellery will almost always distance himself from his point. Very rarely will he say “I believe”, etc. He also tends to make his points passive by using words such as “can be”, “might”, etc.   Because he never learned to control his hooves while speaking, he will often have quite active hooves in many situations. This problem only worsens when he’s nervous. In reality, this is merely a submissive tendency, though many Humans would equate such movement as nervousness.


Ellery has a higher voice than the average Centaur his age. He doesn’t swear as he was taught by his adoptive mother. He is quick to compliment others, and his manner of speech is unexpectedly informal unless he is nervous or intimidated.

Wealth & Financial state

Though he was never in line to inherit the Adyra fortune, his entire childhood was spent in the lord’s manor with all the luxuries it entailed.

Northern Centaur Tribes
Year of Birth
1625 (20 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Ellery was born to a loving mother owned by the Adyra family. Determined to ensure he wouldn't live in slavery like she had, she attempted to escape once she had recovered from his birth, which ultimately resulted in her death and adoption by Kaylin Adyra
Biological Sex
Medium length, straight caramel hair; darker at the roots than the tips
1200 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Appears in...

Personality Type

INFJ - The Counselor
INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas. They have a different, and usually more profound, way of looking at the world. They have a substance and depth in the way they think, never taking anything at surface level or accepting things the way they are. Others may sometimes perceive people with the INFJ personality type as weird or amusing because of their different outlook on life.   INFJs are gentle, caring, complex, and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. While they place great importance on order, they can also be spontaneous because they intuitively understand things without being able to pinpoint why. This makes INFJs less systematic and orderly than other Judging types.   An INFJ’s intuition is usually one of their strongest qualities. They have uncanny insight into people and situations. INFJs can be difficult to understand for others, and that might cause them to be secretive, making them even more mysterious. But they are also genuinely warm and caring with their friends and family.   The INFJ personality type is one of the most complicated. INFJs appear to be quiet and reserved, and they stay away from social events where they have to mingle with other people. INFJs tend to be secretive and don’t like situations in which they would have to open up to others. It takes time for them to trust people, and they would go so far as testing whether a person deserves their trust before spilling any private information.   The INFJ personality type is sensitive towards other people’s feelings. They are careful not to hurt anybody through their words and actions. They always lend a hand to people who need help because they are compassionate and empathic. They are also good at reading people and can sense other people’s emotions.   At work, their creativity makes them stand out. They planners and strategists who respect rules and deadlines. They get things done systematically, but they also understand things without concrete or tangible facts. They just know through their gut feelings.   A person with the INFJ personality type is firm and usually stubborn. They stay close to their pre-set values and may find it hard to accept other people’s opinions. Their temper gets triggered when another person questions their beliefs and principles. They stand firm and never back down on whatever they have already said. No matter how reserved they are, they don’t mind engaging in arguments or debates when their views get challenged.   In general, the INFJ has depth that not all personality types possess. They see life in a different light and this makes them unique.   Personality trait descriptions from Personality Perfect

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Cover image: Common Ash by Hans


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