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The world

All of the land mass has joined again to form another Pangea. A gigantic supercontinent, surrounded by an even more massive ocean dotted with islands, near the coast.

The Sun should have eaten the blue planet, some time ago, yet it has not. And the moon is smaller than we are accustomed to due to its wider orbit. Due to the effect, all of this has on the planet’s rotation, days are now 28 hours long. The year’s length has not changed, however, so a Ninth World year has only 313 days. Different areas have different calendars, but they normally follow the moon. So the year is normally divided into 11 months.

  The better know places in this world are on the west side of the continent:
The area towards the southwest of the continent is called The Steadfast. The steadfast has the biggest known cities, and it is moderately safe in the patrolled areas. The politics in their land are monitored by The order of truth.
West and north of The Steadfast, is The Beyond. There are fewer settlements here and the ones that exist are smaller and normally isolated. Nomadic tribes are common. Whole country size areas are covered by ruins, and most who enter those places, are never seen again
Beyond the Beyond, lies the rest of the supercontinent. No communication has been established with this area, so their status is unknown. There are rumours of areas, even wilder than anything seen in the Beyond. And also of cities bigger than those found in the Steadfast.

And here, beyond the reach of anyone in either The Steadfast or The Beyond, is where Entrelai exists. Almost literally on the other side of the world. A nation founded by those running from the growth of the impossible desert, between rives and in an unforgiving land. In the Frontier forest, the sons and daughters of those defeated in the civil war which birthed the country await their turn to rise again.

North of Entrelai lies the terrotory of the The flying city. The wonderful but isolate city, they only comunicate and trade with the city below. An intinerant one which follow them with the hope on becoming citizens one day

West, beyond the mountains, lies the imposible desert, the weird cristal desert, which grew from nowhere, in the range of month, around 500 years ago

And east, out in the sea, The Islands Conclave have also settle in the nearby archipielago. Nobody beat them in building ships or using them. They look at their mother, The Sea and their father, The Elders for guidance towards the future.

Here as well, there is an organization, called Order of Truth in this land, but they have never heard of their homologues in the The Steadfast. Nor do they have the same degree of political control.


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