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The Multicolour Forest

The Multicolour Forest is located, south of Melomyr, it's a layered forest, each layer, a different colour, the one before. In the first layer, the only indication, this forest is somehow abnormal, is the reduced tree biodiversity. The geometry of their distribution is also too regular to be natural. To an untrained eye, this two abnormalities would only amount to a sense of unease, they can't really define.   The second layer, seems frozen in on a permanent autumn, the trees are still mostly the same, but yellows and red are prevalent in this area. Even when leaves fall as it's usual. more grow to take their place. This layer can still be perceived as normal, but a traveler trying to traverse it, in the right station. If you look, this forest from above, this two layers seem to have been drawn with a compas, as they are perfect concentric circles. All kind of animlas lives and roam this two external layers.   In the third layer, any semblance of normality is lost, this layer is very irregular, specially compared to the other two. The trees have orange trunks and purple leaves. Not many animals roams this layers, which also means, a eire silence, rarely broken, also plague this area.   The center of this forest, surrounded by a lake, an old wolrd ruin, still stand. This instalation doesn't seem aware, the civilization which build it, is long gone and it continoulsy both takes and pours water from the lake.   Time does not work correctly, around this instalation. Gostly figures will start to appear, if anyone approach or enter the lake, This gostly figure are nothing else than, manifestations of the traveler, in different moment of his approach.
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