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The haunted quadrant of Spiralai


It was early on the hottest month in the year 170AT. The hunter's port in Spiralai was full of activity, as it has high season due to the shiare migration, that has been happening in the last moth.   There has been a few earth shakes, in the last week, which were thought to be a bad omen, so people want to hurry along the area, to finish their bussines and leave as quickly as they could. It was then, when a bigger shake than anything anyone has felt before happened. The earth, with an old apetite, that has been building for weeks, eat the whole port, with every single person, who didn't have the sense to listen to the omens and was still there.   But this was not the end, but the begining. In the following weeks, more and more strange individual were sumonned to calm the earth apetite, as it keep eating different different bits and pieces around the area.   Only after many sacrificies has been offered to the old ones, was the earth calm down. But to this day, no sensible person, dare putting feet on that quadrant of the city. Only fools, calling themselves investigator dare living there.

Historical Basis

From the data, the various researchers and adventures which entered the cave in and investigated the old section of the city, we know:
  • After the fall of the builder of the city, most of it fell underground, only the towers remain above, waiting to protect the city, if needed.
  • All the activity of the hunter's port, accidentally reactivated some old city drones, which started excavating upwards to reach the city. This caused the first cave in
  • The cave in, activated itself more fragment of the city, which caused further structural problems in the area
  • The Order of Truth and adventures were sumonned to investigate and if posible secure the area. They were able to shut down and recover some very important relics for the city and set down a few research stations to monitor and continue to investigate the area
Date of Setting
170 AT
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