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The Frontier Forest

Some say, things are changing and creating a sea route thought the forest is posible. Fools, I say. The water monolith will dry, before we establish a sea connection thought The Frontier Forest
The Frontier Forest, is an inmense forest dominating the east of Entrelai. It area ocuppy almost 1/3 of the whole country. The forest is also extremely dangerous. It has been off-limits for colonization efforts, until recently. Now Entrelai is expending a good amount of resources into some fronteir settlements to try to make a dent into it and if possible, connect more sections of the country to the sea.


The forest has a vaguely romboid shape. Its 150 km wide on the middle, its widest point. Lengwise, it traverse the whole Entrelai from north to south. The skiniest side, in the north of the forest is 'only' 20km wide. Before the Tithe river, there is a narrow forest free valley, which conect the peninsula with the rest of navarene. The prefered method of crosing this land is still by boat.   There is no records of anyone crossing the whole forest, nor even in the north, on its tiniest side. Only the periferia of the forest has been really explored. Those records speak about not only a diverse and deadly ecosystem where most animals can kill a healthy man before they even notice, but a inmense amount of ruins, with many old artefacts to discover.

Natural Resources

There is two main resources, which are comertially exploited in the forest:
  • The first and most exploited is wood, The trees of the forest are huge and redish in color. The wood made with this trees is the highest quality, you can find anywhere in the whole area. It is also the most expensive
  • Numenera is the second one, the forest is cover in all kind of ruins, most of them, have not been explorer yet, or those who have, have not returned.
The population living in this areas, also hunt a diverse array of animals for food. Burning the land, after cutting the trees, is a common practice to create farmable area.
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)
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Layers of the forest
The forest is divided in 3 layers, depending of the knowledge we got of it:
  • Outer layer:Up to 2 to 15km (Depending of the zone). This is the area of the forest, we have the most information. There are some maps with know ruins and even some safe places to rest. A seasoned adventurer, will almost always come back. Every Entrelai settlement and attempt of colonization, lies heavily fortified in this area.
  • Medium layer: Up to 20 to 30km. Most of the information in this area, come from single sources mixed with songs and leyends. Any maps of this area, is probably inacurate. There is a good change a season adventurer, who venture to this area, will not come back.
  • Inner forest: The rest. There is very little to no information from this area. There are rumors. Like the one about a teleporter who grant access to a hidden university for higher being or a tree as big a city, which control the rest of the forest. Very little people have manage to get there and back.

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