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The Elders

Where are they?

They are located beyond the last of the islands, marking the end of Eastern Sea and the start of the deep sea.

Those are the islander people's fathers, as much as the sea is our mother. They carry the gift of protection for all of us and a warning. After this point, we can't look after you anymore, you are on your own

What are they?

The Elders are the impressive ruins of several buildings, shaped like winged humanoid creatures. They are probably the remains of an old city, arising from the sea. Those who have ventured below the surface in this area can say the buildings which can be seen above it, are just a small fraction of the ones below. Most elder secrets are buried under the sea.

The towers have a dark grey colouration, almost black at points. The colour is not as uniform, as it apparently once was, but shades of blue, green and orange are now spotted everywhere. The areas whit extensive blue colouration, are extremely beautiful if the light comes through them, but they are also the most fragile. Each tower represents an individual, standing in the sea, their arms down and their winds extended backwards, looking towards their family. Each tower has multiple balconies arranged in an upper spiral through its body.

There is no merit in just working hard, but the fruits of your labour must be given away to others, as the elders did. This is their way, shared by the sea

The Giving Elders

From the many figures distributed through this area, the most impressive ones are the two tallest. They don't have their arms down like the rest but instead are sharing a middle object, connecting them in the sky. They are so tall, It takes the fastest islander boat, navigating directly away from them more than half a day, for them to disappear completely from view.


Exploring the inside

The inside, like the others can be accessed via one of its many framed balconies. The lower levels, above the sea, have been frequently explored in the past. The exploration is hazardous, not only because they are old towers, but because some levels seem to have strange lights and even strangest nature rules. Also, different creatures, have claimed the building as their own now.

If you want to explore inside The Elders, you must first placate the ire of the wardens using the altar on the first level. Give them an offering in exchange for a right of passage into their domains. It is wise to offer them your best, if they consider it unworthy, they might still attack you.

Once inside, the normal areas follow the disposition of the balconies outside, an upwards spiral around a central pole. This area is subdivided into a multitude of different chambers, of different sizes. In most of those chambers, there are signals with extended hands with different objects above, offering their craft to any who needs it. Some of these objects are recognizable, like food, seeds or tools. Others are more my­sterious.

During the day, sunlight can reach inside the building, even when the balconies are closed or far away. At night, when the building is dark, stay away from any light. These nocturnal lights are associated with the wardens and other strange phenomena.


Conclave uses


This ruins have a significant religious influence for the Conclave Islanders. They believe The Elders to be their guides and the protectors of the whole archipelago. They are also considered the fathers of their civilization. Many merchants, do a pilgrimage to the shrine in The Giving Elders to leave an offering. This is to ask Them to intercede with the Sea on their behalf and allow for a safer journey



These ruins, also serve as prisons. Those who severely break the council laws are left in one of The Giving Elders, for an agreed amount of time, which normally goes from a week to a few months, depending on the severity of the fault. If they survive, they are allowed to come back. and They are considered forgiven.

Outsiders caught stealing from the bounty of The Islands Conclave suffer a similar but less forgiving fate. They are abandoned in one of the regular buildings, to spend the rest of their lives, learning the ways of The Elders.

Founding Date
Alternative Names
The winged ruins (By the entrelai people)
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