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The council of Greenleaf


The council is composed by 10 members. Once declared, the positions are until death or resignation  
Using the current elders in the city, defined by those living there, as a candidate pool. The current council will choose the new member, taking all the accomplishment and services to the city by all candidates. But in practice, only those who are wealthy enough will be chosen. After the choice, the candidate will be approached to join, they are free to refuse, but this rarely happens. If it does, the council will choose a second candidate.
  All members have the same pull in the organization. Decision need to be approved by at least 7 of the members, to go ahead.


The Council is very conservative and proud. From their point of view, they are the reason things keep working smoothly in the city, and they are the line separating all the monster outside the walls, from the civilization inside.   Being a Council member, mean they are the best in the city, because only the best are selected, which in turn means, they know what is best for everyone, and people should listen to them. Sometimes, this means they may need to bend a few things to guarantee the continued protection to most people against a minority. Being able to see those situations and act, as they should, is also their duty and obligation.

Public Agenda

  • The protection and development of Greenleaf is their main call
  • Maintaining order between the different's guilds and ensuring their installations are in order
  • To listen to every citizen concern and ensure they are all meet, when this is possible.
  • To collect tax for the tribute and maintain communication with, Muskinta oldring, as the local noble.


The council technically owns the city, so every asset the city has, can be counted as theirs, But most of them are rented/managed by private citizens or guilds. Directly, they can count with:
  • The council chambers. A building in the old city, where the city convene when they are in session.
  • Each member, is assigned a house, also in the old city
  • Muskinta oldring has a house in the city, this house is provided and taken care by the council
  • The town guards, respond directly to the council.
  • The houses tax collection money is collected and keep by the council (even if the collection is done by several tax-persons, normally in the council chamber's)


The council is as old as the city. Originally it was supposed to be composed by the eldest of the village, but as the village grown larger and become a town and then a city, this method become inefficient. This was when the current method was selected. Since then, very little has changed in the Council.   Even when this method was created with the best intention, with the time, it has created a Council, that is normally only taking less care of the city as a whole and more about the Council interest and the interest of those around them. Those people, are in general, those living in the Old City.

Order is paragon, Stability serves the City

Geopolitical, City council
Alternative Names
the elder council
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories


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