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The comunity of hunters


The comunity of hunters was one of the 3 pilars which conformed The capital, Spiralai when it was first found and colonized. If the resiliant merchant represented the merchants and the guild of crafters the artisans. The comunity of hunters was composed from those who gather and brough the raw materials. This represented mostly farmers, hunters and fisherman.

Unlike the other two organization, they were unable to retain political power. This probably because very little of the nobles of house Crystal and Sinclave were part of the organization. Just before the unification, the organization, attempted a last gasp to reclaim some of their lost prestige by unifiying many other small but still important houses.

By many accounts, this was consider a mayor threat to the Crystal and Sinclave houses, which galvanized their unification, to push the minors houses back into irrelevancy.

During The unification war, this organization provided essential logitical support to allow enough food and resources to allow the troupes to win the battles. In spite of this, the introduction of slaves to perfoms many of the jobs, done by the members of this organization up to this point, was another facet of the plan move to punish the attempt of the minor houses from gaining any relevance.

Current status

Currently the organization, still fulfill a similar function as it originally did. It unifies all of those free farmers, fishermes and laborers, into a common force, when negociations are required. Unfortunally with so much of their labour being also done by a slaved workforce, their position is very weak.

The introduction of free laborers into the organizatio, which was intended to reinforce it, with additional members, backfire as well. As some of them, had confliction agendas, which fracture the organization even more.
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