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The ceramic circle

Othomar was founder around 150 years ago, after the discovery of an enclosed Geodesic Dome between Greenleaf and the current location of Melomyr.  

The ceramic circle

The structure, called the ceramic circle, is a Geodesic Dome, 200 m diameter, composed of green, triangular support structures, that seem to get more abundant, the closer you get to the ground. This support pillars seem to have properties similar to ceramic, with the peculiarity, that it can repair itself when the structure deteriorates or receive an impact. Growing from these pillars, a transparent thin layer of an unknown material, similar in appearance, to a plastic film, cover the hemisphere completely. The interior, has a regulated temperature, that oscillate between 20C and 25C and the capacity to irrigate itself.  

Discovery and settlement

After the discovery arrives to the ears of the noble family, they urged Greenleaf to send a group of people to create a stable colony here, as the structure is very defensible and idea for agriculture.   An initial group of 500 settles were sent to get the place in working order, they found it as bountiful as promised. The soil require very little care, to remain fertile and the crops are watered by the structure regularly. This means, the crops grow faster than outside, and it's a more involved task as well, with several seeding and collecting cycles a year. Currently, their population has expanded to 3000 people, farmers almost all of them.

Greenleaf dependency

Even when, in theory, they are an independent city, which respond directly to the noble family. In practice, they are even now, a colony from Greenleaf, as most trades and not farm related commodities need to be obtained from them. Some, specially in the younger generation, are starting to question, why the city is remaining subservient to its parent, instead of developing their own infrastructure. This feeling has been exacerbated since the creation of Melomyr, which even when they do not have any advantages and has been created in the last years, are mostly independent and self-sufficient.


A council of 10 elders rule the city, with a structure that is imitating The council of Greenleaf
Founding Date
300 AT
Alternative Name(s)
Ceramic town
Owning Organization


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