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Serene is currently a tourist city and as such, its demographics varies from time to time, but it can be essentially divided into 3 main groups:
  • Nobles and Turists
    Tourism, especially to an "exotic" city like this, is a high society pastime. Those who rule the city, welcome their peers from other cities and the capital to enjoy the luxuries of the sea and its benefits for health.
  • Regular people
    Nobles require a huge workforce to take care of their need and keep them entertained, and slaves can't be kept alive for long in the peninsula. This means a considerable amount of the population, works to keep this industry afloat.
  • Ruin explorers
    A new market, for nobles and rich families has open in the city, guided ruin exploration in the nearby The Frontier Forest. A considerable amount of ruins explorers has started to congregate in the city, to cater for this.


The peninsula west to The Westwood Forest is by 3 noble families from Spiralai families. This is not a hereditary position, but a family asset, that is renewed by the Crown, every generation. The families, then appoint rulers to oversee their particular city from within the family.   This city is ruled by the Daisha family . One small noble family, with some old relationship with crown. This position is both seen with contempt and envied by other noble families. This is because, even when the city does not generate the kind of income other cities in Spiralai do, it's a holiday destination. And the bureaucracy which runs the city needed very little work from the ruling person.  
The actual ruling of the city, is done by The shadow council. A shadow goverment, who is working towards the rebirth of the The redwood alliance. They know, this location is consider as a holiday by Charmonde nobles and they are very happy to help maintain this impresion.


Serene is well defended from any threat the wilderness of the surrounding areas could bring.
  • It has a wall, surrounding 5 of its 6 districts.
  • A citadel, where the noble families live
  • There is not only one but two different city militias. The biggest one, serves as regular city guards, while the smallest, patrols the most affluent areas of the city
  • The river has submarine traps, to avoid any unwanted creature from the sea to use to get to the city
  • The recently developed Charbridge district, has a good usage of numenera defences

Industry & Trade

After most of its comerce was deviated to Harmuth. Serene was left with two avenues:
  • Fishing
    The old port, is where most of the fishing industries are based. The fish catched here is sold and distributed thought the rest of Entrelai
  • Sea based tourism
    Entrelai is an interior country. Only Harmuth and Serene are on the sea. Many nobles and affluent families want to see the sea and experience their good health qualities and since Serene has a connection via the river with the capital Spiralai, it became, the holiday place of choice for many of them. Most of this traffic happens in the Castle District.
In the last 60 years or so, another holiday industry has arisen, the guided ruin exploration.


Serene main connection to commerce is Harmuth. The connection which is most frequently used is via the sea, circumnavigating the peninsula. Those cities are also connected with a good road, which is frequently patrolled, but this route is considered slower and less secure, than the sea alternative. They have 2 ports:
  • Old Port: oldest, used for river commerce. Even when a good amount of commerce comes and goes through the river, it's considered the second category port (most illegal stuff happens here)
  • Castle District port: Build after the war, its main purpose is to deal with sea shipping to other states. But it also handles passenger boats from other cities, in Entrelai

Guilds and Factions

This city is heavily regulated by its guilds. They were first introduced, after Navarene took over the city, to control most commercial activities and ensure tax collection. Some guilds overlap slightly with each other, in those cases, the most specific guild is the one, which will cover you. The most important guilds are:
  • The commerce guild For all of those who do business in the city, which is not covered by any other guild.
  • The fishing guild For all of those who work with any fish related activity. Catching, preserving or selling.
  • The numenera guild For all of those who want to venture into the ruins of the old world for fun or profit
  • The crafter guild For those who like to make things from raw materials and sell their creations
  • The baths guild For all of those who wish to open a bathhouse.


Serene was the main comerce town of The redwood alliance. Most of it's comerce was done throught the sea. Something that Entrelai did not have, as none of its cities are near the sea. After the alliance lost the war, the city was raided and taken over. But due to its strategic position and contacts of many of the habitats, the raid was several magnitudes lower in scale and people there were mostly left alone, even when the city was officially under the control of the noble family in Spiralai, who keep a representative there. As a consequence, there was a higher number of surviving alliance people's here.   Regardless, the apparent capitulation of the city. The noble families, settle and populated a brand new city, in the delta of the river and started to deviate most of this city original business there. Serene popularity began to descend as a merchant city, until several merchant started to advertise it as relax and wellbeing location.   These days, the city has some commerce with The Islands Conclave, but it's mostly a city dedicated to providing pleasure and adventure to those who can pay for it.   There is a connection between this large town and the forest nearby and some whisper of a new rebellion being worked.

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