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Ruins explorations for all!

The ruins are a dangerous place, but their mysterious aura should not be restricted for those who have trained most of their lives to visit them...
Nor do you, who hunger for its discoveries, need to risk your lives needlessly...
This is where we come in, we have the training, we can guide you in a multitude of already explored or unexplored ruins and if danger arises, we are there to protect you...
A world of mystery and adventure awaits you, for a very reasonable fee, of course.
— Ruins exploration crier


  The guild organizes its people into two types of parties:
  • The ones which spend most of their time, on their own to discover new ruins for the company benefit...
  • and the ones which spent their time guiding their customer into the already discovered ruins
The main difference between those groups is the diplomacy skill of those who are mostly customer-facing, as both groups have a similar skill level, regarding delving into the ruins. New recruits are normally assigned to different parties first to test and improve their skill in safer conditions.  

Recruitment strategy

The company is always willing to accept new nano, Glaives, and Jacks for the exploration of new ruins on a contract base job. This includes whole groups and individual recruits. But only a few of these individuals are included as staff.  

Internal mobility and benefits

This company is widely recognized as one of the best to explore ruins. If you work with them:
They facilitate the paperwork needed to work with ruins and numenera.
They pay well for the data and only require a fraction of the artefacts found onsite.
You got access to their map library. For some, reason enough to work with them, as they are very detailed. They indicate, not only the ruins found to date, but also dangerous areas, and those areas which still need some more exploration.
For staff only, they will send a money sum to their families, in case of death.
  It is possible to climb in the hierarchy, this does normally happen to those adventurers, which not only survive until older age, but decide to continue working with the company instead of retiring or exploring other venues.  

Public Agenda

This small company, seek to exploit the market for the, normally rich person, which wish to break the monotony of their lives, adding a little bit of adventure in their lives. They offer several packages, to known ruins in the nearby The Westwood Forest, accompanied with a number of Delve and a variable entourage, which keep the nuisance of actual adventuring to a minimum.
Delve for all
The basic package, The adventurer to be, get a choice for a ruin to explore. Those ruins there have already been pre-checked beforehand by our delves to minimize the danger for our clients
Delve into the unknonw
This is the Delve, for those adventurers, who want to get the raw experience. The ruins selected for this package have not been checked by our people beforehand, so you will share with them all the steps of the way.
Little Delve
This is the Delve, for those adventurers to be who wish to make it a family experience. The ruins selected are exciting but easy to access for the whole family.
Extra entourage
This is an extra package to add, to any of our adventurers to be, who wished to travel in comfort. After all, the adventure is on the ruin, but getting doesn't need to be one as well.


The company has a extensive main base in the Charbridge quarter of Serene and several outpost in the forest.
In the peninsula, there is no company, which hires more Delve, and nano, than they do. Specially since the Order of Truth does not have any big chapters in the area. They also have a small militia, which patrols the area between their different outposts or the main city.
The company is preparing to expand its organization outside of Serene, but it is still researching what would be the best place for its second base.

Discover adventure with all the comforts of home.

Founding Date
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
Guided explorations
Notable Members
Are the explorations, really safe?
Our team have security as the highest priority and the will try, their hardest to keep you safe.   But the ruins and the forest are always dangerous places, so sometimes, accidents happens.   Always follow the instructions of your guides and never wander off the group by yourself, to experience your adventure, in the safest conditions, we can provide.


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