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River's end


River's end is a young port city. It's population is roughtly of 3 groups: People who work in the port This people or activities which are adjacent to the port, this are regular people, normally under a salary. The people who work in the ports, would live in the port district or in some cases, normally for young sailors, in the ship themselves. The ocupations would vary from:
  • Working in the ports directly, loading or unloading ships, as hired musle.
  • Working repairing and mainteining the ships and the port
  • Working as crew of the many ships, who sails from here.
  • Work building or repairs boats
  • On a higher level in the hierachy, they are those who maintain the port infrastrucutre as a whole
  • Work supporting the port infrastructure, shops, artisan and other services.
  • Work managing the administration of the port
  • The merchants Those are the ones living in the higher level in the city, they are the most sucesfull merchant, normally owners of the mayority of the ships who transit the ports. The Amber family has a big state here, but they are rarely inhabint it, instead many people in their service run the state and provide information back and from the actual family. The newcommers These people did not come in the initial migration, but while the city was expanding. They are the bigger demografic group. They live in house, build around the first contruction, normally with very little planning or services. They work in the farms which provide food to the city or the lower positions in the ports.


    Like the city of Serene. River's end is governed by a noble family, apointed by The Crystal leader in The capital Just like there, this is a family asset, not an hereditary position. The family who was granted this, was the Amber family, which provided a good portion of the funds for the reconstruction of the city after The unification war. For most practical matters, the city is not really ruled by them, but by a council of merchants, which rules, edicts and sentences are sent for approval to the family. If a representative of the family is on the city, this is done in person, but in the recent years, this is more commonly done by numenera means of comunication.

    Industry & Trade

    The port is the heart of the economy in the city. This handle trade with the Conclave and other sea faring countries in the south. They export wood, from the forest and a variety of fish,collected around River's end. They also receive minerals and other trades, from the rest of Entrelai and salt and soaps from Serene


    The city is abruptly divided in 3 regarding infrastructure.
  • The Port, this was build and keep being maintained as the heart of the city. It expand thought the whole area of the river, where the city expand. And it not only contained comerce ships, but also sailing ships and repair workshops. The close neighborhoods, benefit from many of the infrastructure, which benefit the port itself. There are many markets and many open trade formative positions, which cover a good portion of education for this people. running water and waste disposal are covered in most areas.
  • The merchant district, the most luxirious are of the city, for well off merchants. This area has all the infrastructure you could expect in a big city, shop seling a big number of refined items, parks and a recent inclusion of bath houses
  • The expansion area, the most chaotic part of the city, comprising of new building for new arrivals to the city. Any infrastructure build in here, has not been build by the city itself, but by organizations with a less or more objective for them. A recent flouring of infraestructure, especially in the areas of access to clean water and education has started to be build in this large section of this neighborhoods.
  • Districts

    As the city has experience massive growth in the last 70 years, the districts are not exactly clear. But there are some distinst areas even to this chaotic envoriment.  
    1. The port area, first to be build and surrounded with state of the art facilities to facilitate its managment
    2. The refuge district, built, almost at the same time as the port, surrounding it. This was to allow as many people from Serene as refuges as part of the edict for the modernization of Serene
    3. The merchant district, the most luxirious are of the city, for well off merchants, normally from the rest of Entrelai
    4. The expansion area, the most chaotic part of the city, comprising of new building for new arrivals to the city.

    Guilds and Factions

    Guild, while they exist in River heart. are very weak, compared to the one in Serene. This is because, they were used as another political tool, to get people to move over to this city, where guild oversight was almost inexistent.   Currently, some guilds are gaining some influence, the most important one, is a local offsprint of the Serene Bath-house Guild, as specially in the most well off areas, bath houses are starting to be in demand.  


    Before the war, this used to be a small twon, a confluence point for those traders in the peninsula who travel north towards the The flying city undertowns or west towards Entrelai . But as Serene most asidualy trade thought the sea or with the forest tribes in The Frontier Forest, it was not very developed.   This all a changed during the war, when the town became a military outpost, to coordinate efforts between and control the choke point at the entrace of the penisula. This spell it doom, when the The unification war was lost. Any civilian who lived there before migrated to either Serene or the forest to avoid capture and slavery and the town became briefly a gosht one.   After, the war, the nobles of Spiralai took an insterest on it location and potential, an empty city located in a choke point at the delta, which comunicate their city to the sea. A perfect candidate for recolonization, as sunch, the invested heavily into transforming it into a port city. Using taxation and favored contracts as their main tool, they started to divest most comerce from Serene into River's end. This technique worked excendenly well and soon the town became a bustling port city.   The new city, shares the name with the old town, but very little else, as most new resident aren't even aware that an old town used to exist here.
    Large town
    Owning Organization


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