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red-wood settlement

What resource are they drawing: red-wood from the nearby forest.


The city is divided in two main aspect:
  • The laborers, who help with the resource gathering and other aspect of the city
  • The adventures, who try to keep safe, and scavenge differnt bit and pieces for improvment or repair, the city most preciouse resource, The dark cutter. A mash up of artifacts which can cut an impresive amount of trees, every hour


The city is directly governed by the noble family, in change of this area. As the wood collected in their main source of income.   His method of goverment is very autoritave, with his main source of concern is the collection of the wood from the forest and it shipping undisturved towards the charmonde, the south and the others market for it.   Any attempt to manipulate The Dark cutter, which has not been autorized by him, is considered a criminal offence of the highest order. Punishement is death or slavement. Same punishment applies to anyone, who aids or hides suspect of this crime.


Wood cutting in a forest as big, dense and challenging as the Westwood forest is a dangerous bussines. So most of the infrastructure of the city is directed towards:
  • ensuring it safety, with impresive walls covered in spike to deter, any forest dwenler of any attack
  • Ensuring the safety of the comercial routes, in or out of the city by either river or road
  • Ensuring the dark cutter is safe and can keep doing it job, a job that required a full array of adventures, willing to risk scavengin for part to ensure it can't be repaired/keep together, after the frequent attacts or breakdowns.


The city was founded, after the war and it was essentially an colonization effort. As it was a known fact, those who leaves in cities in this area have relation with several non-human, settlement inside the forest and were afraid or unwilling of breaking their rules. So they could not be trusted. The city has been just barely getting by, until a few decades ago, when the young lord decided to use a different approach of heavy numenera usage to ensure making a good (and defensive) dent in the forest.   Since then, they have been under contant siege of diferent tribes living inside the forest, specially culovas which are not willing to allow any royals to interfere with their lands.
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