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Order of Truth

The order as it is normally called is the most spread organization, in at least this area of the 9th world. Most people view it as a religion organization, that revere the numenera and all the supernatural things it can achieve. Informally their menber are called Aeon Priests for as long as the order has existed, mainly because what they study is so beyong the normal experiences or a typical farmer or even a merchant, that it may as well be supernatural for them. And by default the purview of priest and sorcerers. Those who accepted to be consider priest, have better aceptance and support from their comunities and so when the first Pope, Calaval organized the disparate group of investigator and adveturers into the Order of truth, he started to use religous terminology and it become ingraned in the organization.


The typical Aeon priest is an Scholar, one who studies the Numenera. They will normally work in small groups in big cities in the steadfast or alone in the beyond. If they someone that has the potential and inclination to study the Numenera, they will take tham as apprantices and induct them in the order. This will happen rarely, normally two or three times in their lifetime. Each of this individual or groups works in a semblage, this area are closed to the public, this is done for 3 reasons, to ensure the protection of the priest/s living inside, to ensure the comunities where they live are not exposed to any dangerous experiment being done inside and to create a ambience necesary for study and concentration. In the bigger cities in the steadfast, where the number of priest in the groups is more elevated, those are called claves, since they need to host a bigger number of priest, they are bigger, have more resources and normally they also have attached a public area to receive the public and sometimes a school or small library for the public. The order is a technocracy, any priest can nominate another for a promotion inside the order, this promotion nomination is review by the peer who decide to accept it or not, if acepted, the new rank is normally acompanied by a gift and sometimes one or more peers to help the new bishop in their work (that rarely changes)   The head of the organization, is the Amber Pope, who is the public face of the organization and set some generic loose goals for it. Responding directly to him are 12 archibishops, who are choosen by him, normally from the existing bishops. tradicionally this only happens when one of them dies or decide to retire, but the pope can order any Archibishop to step down.

All glory to the originators of truth and understanding

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