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Old Town

Old Town is the beating heart of the city, from the port to the market. Their narrow streets, normally led towards one of them. The streets near the port are considered dangerous for those who aren't local. While the ones in the shambles are almost an extension to the busy market, where everyone can rest and recuperate from any experience.



This is the oldest district in the city. Before the war it extended as a semicircle from the sea, covering both sides of the river. The delta side, which hosts the port, was where most activities surrounding the sea happened. Before the war, this was almost a district by itself. Back then, it received the name Riverside. Even when a small number of merchants used to live here, it was mostly inhabited by port labourers, fishermen and other people who worked directly with the sea.   The other side of the river hosted both the market and all administrative buildings of the city. Those who did not work directly with the sea lived here. This means, the merchants, who were successful enough to have others do, most of the travelling for them. The city administrators and farmers. It was normally called town or uptown.   This situation changed after the war and the appropriation of a good portion of uptown, for the construction of the Castle District. Now both sides of the river started to refer to themselves as OldTown. This carried out a connotation of being part of the actual Serene, instead of the fake town being built by the royals in the appropriated territories.

Points of interest

The old port
Even when most of the commerce from the rest of charmonde has been deviated to xxx. There is still a good amount of goods that come through this port. There is also a very healthy fishing industry that also uses the same port.
The market
In the central square, every day of the week, a multitude of tents appears, each of them selling different goods. From meat to numenera. Almost anything can be found here, especially if you know who to speak with.
The guilds administration
This building is where every craft guild is located, In theory under noble control. In practice, under the city control.
The shambles area
If you need a place to stay the night, This is the best place to find it. You can also find some more modest versions of the baths and other establishment you can find in the Castle District

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