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Miliatian in garison chief

The Garison chief is the military office, which control, the military functioning of the the garision, he is assigned to. Normally, he is the higest ranking officier in the place.


A Miliatian in garison chief need to have knowdelge and experience in several areas to be able to perform all the duties required of the role:
  • Read and writting from text and military maps.
  • Knowdelge about strategy and military movements.
  • The ability to move people to follow your vision.
  • Strong hand to keep the troupes disciplined.
  Having the right contact, does help on securing the position, but as this is the lower of the official rank and its the most hand on. Those with the contact, to adchieve this, normally go higher positions. Leaving this one, for those soldiers, with a good mind for people and strategy.


The Militian in garison chief is the superior military officer in the Garison. They are normally required to have good comunication with the in garison auxiliar, in charge of suplies and their administration, for the complete administration of the Garison.   They need to ensure, training routines are adequate for the task the garision is suposed to tacke. And he is the one who handle discipline hearing, when this is needed by the soldiers. The are also the source of any strategic plans or patrol routes, if the Garison needs them. There is some debate regarding morale, with some sources declaring it a duty of the chief, while other deciding against.


The Chief has an individual room, normally the best spot in the whole garrison to call his own. They can also, if they wish to, have their family living with him, even if they don't work in the garrison themselves. Even when there is no real mobility to higher tier of the military from this position. They are consider official and can frequent the spaces, which are reserved for them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It is customary, the position is renewed, after the term finishes, if they have not commited any error, bad enough to remove the tittle for them.
Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Crown of Navarene
Length of Term
10 years
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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