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Melomyr was founded surrounding a symbol covered stone the village calls The Trilling shard. It's located in a fertile valley, in Northern Entrelai. A river crosses the whole valley coming from the mountains and dying very close, in the great sinkhole. This provides a good number of raw timber, animals to hunt and arable land. Unfortunately, since it a valley outside the patrolled areas, it also provides very little to no protections to any of the dangers that are left from the old eras, or the abhumans  packs, that frequently roams the land.


The people of Melomyr are humans, mostly farmers and hunter-gatherers. They want a quiet life, But they are also more adventurous and open-minded of those of nearby towns, valuing freedom and independence above security. Even when they understand the risk of living in an unprotected area, what good is protection when you can be treated as cattle and killed by those who claim to protect you.   Recently some people searching for a place close to some old ruins to explore, has started to arrive


There isn't a formal piece of government in Melomyr. When a crisis arises, those willing to help, join in council in the Melomyr town commons. If the crisis need an immediate decision or the discussion reached an impasse, Gurner Fron is consulted, and he will give his advice to the city. But he thinks it will set a bad precedent, for him to give orders, in behalf of the city if the situation is not urgent.   The city need to pay a small amount of taxes to the region lord, those taxes are collected in the Melomyr alehouse, stored in the town communal granary.

Industry & Trade

The city is at the moment self-sufficient, the little trade they have is with the town of Othmar. Even so, they are a convenient stop for adventures, going toward the beyond or other nearby ruins, like the Valley of sins


The people in the village have built their own houses surrounding The Trilling shard. They also have several farms to ensure food for the community. The area is ideal for herding long-haired Gallen, so those graze on the other side of the river.
  • A water purifying station and watermill have been built next to the river.
  • A common's area, sit between The Trilling shard and the river, completed with the communal Granary, the general store and the alehouse.
  • Nairde Tardia has an unusual amount of books in her house, that has become a library. A schoolroom has also been set up for those who wish to learn. She is the main reason, literacy is significantly higher in Melomyr than in any of the surrounding villages.
  • Zakeo Smith, has a small furnace, where basic metalwork can be done.

Guilds and Factions

Due to its young age and small population, there isn't any guild yet in the city, but a few groups are starting to emerge.
  • A few people are interested in learning more about The Trilling shard, they normally meet once a week at sunset near it to hear its music and called themselves the trilling student. None of them has any numenera background at the moment.
  • Some of the most adventurous folk, meet around once a month at the end of the river in the great sinkhole. They speak about the adventures and riches they could find if they manage to get enough supplies and cables to descend to its core. They haven't named themselves yet, but the rest of the folk normally call them the empty explorers, as month after month, they never seem to be able to complete the preparations to finally descend.
  • Some people Nairde Tardia had taught, has evolved an appetite for books and reading, they are normally called the scholars by the rest of the town


Melomyr is a very recent settlement. It started 10 years ago, with the migration of a fragment of the Greenleaf population. They decided to follow Gurner Fron, after the passivity of the rest of the Greenleaf council in The white murders  and the violent revolt that followed them.   The location was decided by Gurner Fron, an old adventurer fascinated by The Trilling shard since he first encounter it, and for its amazing potential to hold the population.   In its short life, it has already become prey to an inhuman raid, where some villagers died to try and to reject the raiders. A plan to get some defences around the little village is being actively discoursed, but nothing has been implemented yet.


Houses are made mostly of mahogany coloured wood as it is easy to obtain in the nearby forest. Almost all houses are one-floor houses, raised slightly from the floor, to avoid rodent and maintain temperatures. No real common architecture is found beyond this.   Some houses, used more advances materials, they have been recovered for old ruins, normally by the owners. At the moment, most houses, represent the personality of those living inside.

Natural Resources

  • Wood from the nearby forest
  • Water and fishing from the river
  • Grass from the meadow
  • Sand and stone from the surroundings of the great sinkhole 
Founding Date
395 AT
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