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Meania Crystal

His/Her Crystal Majesty Meania Crystal

Current queen of Entrelai

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Meania was the second of 3 sibling. She was also the only girl in the family. From an early age, she started to show a very good disposition towards both maths and people. When she was 8, she started to give good advise his elder brother, 5 years older, on how to manage his first bussines. She also managed to get both of her brothers to satify her every whin

This was not missed by his tutors, which advise her parents to allow her to come to the councils and advise seasons 2 years early. At only 10, 4 years early than normal, she was given a small stablishemt to manage. In two years, she managed to obtain the connections to double its reputation and was ready to expand it.

When she was 15, the choice of who would become the heir to the family was already decided in her favor. She was crowned as The Crystal leader at 32 years. By that time, she have been advising her father and the council for 10 years.



She had a personal tutor since she was 2 years old. He instructed in the most traversal topics. She has also been schooled by the family tutors in maths, numenera and nobility. As it's normal in this age, for noble families, she attended the Academics University when she was in her early 20's.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is a talented strategist, which deep insight, which allow her to see through people intention and motivations. Her mind is extremily focused, sharp for any task related to numbers. Which is what gave her early affinity with matematics and economy. She always give an calm and cold attitude, there isn't any record on her losing her temper. Some say, if this has ever happend, it was in private and, those who witnesed it are now probably dead.

Morality & Philosophy

Everything in this world is a tool, find the right tool and figure out what is the right amount of presure to apply to it. Presure without this knowdelge, break the tool. A broken tool achieve nothing. Tools without presure, never fullfil their task. This is a waste of the tool. Love will always get you more than fear. As those who fear you are more inclined to act agaist you, than those who love you.

Personality Characteristics


Quality and eficiency are her main motivations. One of her bigger current frustation, is the lack of change in the kingdom, as the time progress. She has more ambitions that just being another name in the sucession line.


Contacts & Relations

Current Status
Queen of Entrelai
Current Location
Date of Birth
5 of Blosson of 350
Year of Birth
350 AT 55 Years old
Current Residence
The Crystal Palace
Dark brown
Dark black
1.65 m
Aligned Organization


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