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The town is clearly divided in 3 parts:
  • Oldtown: This encompasses, the oldest part of the city, it's consider an honour and a sign of prestige, to live here. This is occupied by the council members, rich merchant and the master crafters of the most reputable trades. A house for the noble-family in change of this Entrelai area exist here, but it's normally empty.
  • Newtown: This has become the main area of town, where all proper residents live, a bigger mix exist here than in oldtown, merchants, crafters, farmers and travellers reside here. This is causing problems of space, as the city walls are not allowing the city to grow as fast as its population.
  • Outskirts: As the population has outgrown the walls, those down in their luck, have found themselves living outside them. Mostly farmers, those crafters with less reputable crafts and unlucky merchant or adventurers.


The council of Greenleaf rule the city.

Choosing the council

Position are for life (or until resignation) and the members are chosen by the current members, using the current elders in the city, defined by those living there, as a candidate pool. The current council will secretly choose the new member, taking all the accomplishment and service to the city of all candidates. In theory, every elder is taken into consideration, but in practice, only those who have a considerable amount of wealth will be chosen. Once the Council has chosen, the candidate is approached with an offer to join, they are completely free to reject it, but this rarely happens. If it does, the council will choose a second candidate.

Council duties

The Council is the one in charge to keep the order in the city and set/collect taxes, the taxes are mostly passed to Muskinta oldring, as tribute, but some are keep for the city maintenance, or the council itself. The 10 members, meet twice a week and at any point, a crisis arises. Anyone in the town can bring any subject they wish to any candidate to bring to their meeting, but only the council members are allowed to the meetings themselves. They normally have meetings with the different guild leaders at least 3 times a year, to discurss any concern they could have.


The city has two set of strong walls to keep itself protected. They also have an armed militia to combat both internal and external threads. If the thread is considered massive, they can call on the noble tropes, but this takes time. So in essence it's only done in case of long thread to the city, like a siege.

Industry & Trade

As the biggest town in the area, they are a main commerce nexus, mostly of agricultural commodities. In the old city district, it's easy to find all kind of foods and rare crafted items. Even numenera can be easily found if you know who to ask. In the common district, crafter items and agricultural commodities are the norm. A small black market, exist here, normally for items that have been crafter outside the guilds control.


The city has the infrastructure expected of a city of it’s size, but many of them haven't been updated in a while:
  • The city has two walls, one that encapsulate, the inner city, and the second one, which enclosure the commons' area, but the city has outgrow the outer wall as well.
  • One big forge is keep by the metal's guild, only it's members are allowed to use it.
  • There is a good number of mills and granaries, where the city grain is keep. Private granaries are common as well, but all the mills belong to the town
  • There is several water purifiers working in the town, those living outside the wall, don't normally get access to them.
  • A crafter hall exist in every area of the city.
  • Healing house also exist though the city. Their range varies, some can only treat minor cuts, while other, specialize on bigger problems. prices varies as well.
  • The city has a truth chapel, but it's small and mostly administrative. There are no wright in the city, and numenera is rare to get by, those dealing with it either do though the chapel or privately.

Guilds and Factions

Several guilds exist in the city, normally grouped by profesion:
  • The metal guild control the forge, one need to be a member, to be allowed to craft items there.
  • The farmers guild control the mills, they appoitnted by the council and act on their name, regardless the name, the members of this guild, are merchant, not farmers. They control the price to use mills by the rest of the population. They also control the grain in the public granaries.
  • The crafter guild, control apprentice into craft and the craft halls
  • The order of truth has a small chapel here, which is the first port of call for those concerned about numenera problems or solutions.
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unknonw, there has been a Trust chapel since 260AT
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