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The southern part of the kingdom is known for its rich farmland. Simple farmers and herders work for wealthy merchants and councils who in turn pay fealty to a small number of aristocratic families, each of whom answers to the queen, who rules from her capital of Spiralai.   The northern portion of the kingdom, south of the River, holds many forts and war-castles that help defend this border from the dangers beyond it.


Entrelai is organized in a feudal manner: Population normally lives concentrated in protected areas, ruled by either a council or a wealthy family. They pay loyalty (and taxes) to a few aristocratic families, which in turn maintain the protection of the area, training and providing militia patrols for rural areas. Those aristocratic families, serve the queen directly.   Not many has seen Queen Crystal in person, but actions define her as graceful and fair, to those who are obedient and efficient. Or ruthless with those who aren't. Under reign, her kingdom has known nothing but prosperity as a result of this approach.


  • There is a culture of meritocracy, that is real in lower and medium social status of society. Good workers are promoted for their work, and successful merchants or adventurers can easily acquire positions of power in their towns. On occasions, it has permeated to the higher level of society, specially for old and really successful adventurers, but this is uncommon. Nobility tittles are rarely given nor changed hands. Marriage is also normally keep between noble families.
  • In big cities and particularly, between middle and higher classes of society, there is a big sense of learning and enlightenment, learning from the past will keep everyone safe in the future. In more rural areas, even where there is a sense of purpose and learning, this is more directly reserved to trades. More often than not, when the past or the past structures affect them, is to bring danger and unpredictability.
  • Slavery was brought up during the time of the pacification wars and conflicts. Its consider legal, but rarely used in the countryside, more of a noble extravagance, than anything else. The situation is very different in the cities, when the practice is commonplace, even if something like a dirty secret. Anyone who can afford to, uses it, while they would try to diminish any contact with slaves themselves.

Demography and Population

Entrelai does not have an official population census, but rough estimates compiled by the different nobles and councils, speaks of around 1.500.000 habitants. Almost 100% human. Most of this population concentrates in the capital and biggest cities, specially in the south.   These cities are mostly dedicated toward commerce, so a majority of the free population, are merchants or artisans of one kind or another. A significant minority are scholars, as Entrelai proud itself of having, a rich infrastructure to understand the ancients. The rest are either part of the military, crown administration or Nobility. Slaves are also a significant number in the cities.   The rural areas are mostly inhabited by farmers and soldiers. Artisan and traders, are less abundant. There is almost no slaves in the countryside, as most rural people consider slaves either an obscenity or a nobility extravaganza.


Entrelai territory is a band of land between rivers.

Land, history, Future


  • Entrelai
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Mixed economy
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Member / Vassal

Greenleaf thought it council is a Vassal of Navarene , thought Muskinta oldring, the nobleman appointed by the Queen to rule this area.


Entrelai doesn't consider the Conclave as a force to fear and it doesn't feel like it can strech it force to take it over without putting themselves in a dangerous situation in the continent.
The Island Conclave see entrelai as a savage place, where those in power just take from everyone, without hesiation and are worried to be the next one in the list

As the shadow council is hidden organization, Navarene is not aware of its existance. If it was, i would act upon it as criminal organization at best and act of treason against the crown at worst.


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