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Edict for the modernization of the west city


  The purpose of this edict was to confiscate the land west of the city to build a palace for the newly appointed lord of the city after The unification war.

Document Structure


  • People were to leave their houses before the sun rose in the sky within a week's time. They were allowed to take their belongings if they wished, as anything left behind would be repurposed or destroyed.
  • New accommodations were being built in a new town north of the peninsula, by the river affluent. Anyone who wished to could request one. Only basic background checks would be done
  • Anyone left in this area after the deadline at sunrise would be branded as a war-related individual and shipped to The capital, Spiralai, for judgment and reparations to the crown.
  • Historical Details


    The redwood alliance has just lost The unification war, and Serene has been spared most of the consequences for being on the losing side by virtue of being the only city with a sea connection and merchants who could use it.   The royal edict, which condemns all those with connections to the war to slavery, still applied, but it was sparsely used, and people were not hunted as they were in other areas of the west.

    Public Reaction

    The demographic of the targeted area was not particularly well off; it was an overflow of those who could afford living outside of Serene, the Stranded Ship but could not afford living closer to the ship. Many had thought to flee when royals arrived, but only stayed due to some reassurance that consequences would not be pursued here in Serene. So the easiest way to define their reaction would be the word panic. Of course, this was the intended reaction. Many took what little possession they had and ran to hide, either in The Frontier Forest or back to Serene, the Stranded Ship.   A few who felt betrayed by the reassurance given by their old leaders took the offer to start a new life in the new city.


    This was the beginning of the revival of life aboard Serene, the Stranded Ship. Up to that point, only those who could not afford to live outside would still live there. After the arrival of many who sought refuge from royals, the ship started to be seen again as the soul of Serene. The only fraction of the west, untouched by the royals.
    Decree, Governmental
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