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According the eyes of those in Spiralai, those who deal with the dead became tainted by it, so they should be marked clearly to avoid it spreading.   The darken title is hereditary. It is the way to mark those in Entrelai who deal with the dead. That's why they are only allow to wear black clothes.   Dealing with the dead, does entail bury or burn them to ashes, depending of the status of the decesaed, but it also has other obligations, like:
  • Dealing with those still alive, relative to the dead
  • Dealing with those, who have been declared terminal until their death.
  • In some special ocasion, to inpect the deceased and determine the cause of their death.
  • The nobility has an special caste of darken for themselves, which are called the cleansed dark. They wear grey instead and only deal with the bodies of the nobility.


    The darken title is hereditary


    The darken are those responsable to deal with the bodies of the deseaced peasant. They This does not only imply to bury the dead, but also to confort those still alive
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