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Magic: Alchemy

Ways of harnessing magic

The vast knowledge of magic by the elves allow them to develop new ways of harnessing magic, other than the traditional ways; Alchemy. Inspired by a simple method to store and preserve necessities, alchemy is a way of magic and chant-storing. Single or several reagents that are available in the forms of plants, animals produce, and a magic-synthetic item is common ingredients used in alchemy. Then, the manipulative works of chanting and magic would do the rest.   Potions, scrolls, runes and gemstones are the common application of alchemy, allowing more versatile usage of magic, from amplifying the strength of magic to the lack of needs to chant or re-chant the spells.   Strong results of alchemy require rare materials, strong apparatus and magic. They are rare, and exclusive only to selected personnel. Some of those items are the legendary and artefact-levelled pieces.   Rune weapon and spellstone are one of the advanced results of alchemy. The effect to Elves: Unknown


They need a reagent to strengthen more the magic result. Especially for higher rank magic, like Firewall. Elves can cast firewall just fine. Human can also just cast them just fine, it's just not as wide and powerful as elves. In order to make it as powerful as elves, they just throw in some reagent, maybe ashes of some root tree or something.

Metaphysical, Elemental

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6 Dec, 2018 17:28

I like your take on alchemy. The English is a bit clunky here and there, but it's readable. Are you new to Worldanvil? I would suggest you try to fill the sidebar, and use some more links and / or placeholders (e.g. for "Potions, scrolls, runes and gemstones"). So, this would also be my question: What powers do Potions, Scrolls, Runes and Gemstones have in your world, and what differentiates the powers of each of them from one another?

8 Dec, 2018 11:50

Thanks for the feedback. My friend and I will go more detail into what each of the reagents does to magic later.