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The Grand Clock

The clock resides in Frostpine, the main city of Eviv. The clock could be magic, or forgotten Virlar technology. There is no record of when or how it was built. The Grand Clock tracks sunrise, midday, and sunset perfectly, even when the sky is cloudy. Some Virlar say Finis, the Virlar people’s favorite goddess, is responsible for the continued running of the clock. Others have made it their life’s work to figure out how the clock works. Some have come from other countries to investigate the clock, but only the court appointed researchers of Eviv are allowed to enter the clock tower.

The Center of the City

Before the royal family fell apart, when the king still made public appearances, he gathered a group of researchers to find out more about the Grand Clock. The clock is at the center of Frostpine, at the center of the circular market area. The clock is the tallest thing in Frostpine, other than the castle. The tower of the clock is made of stone. Spiral stairs within the tower lead up to the mechanism of the clock itself. The clock has a glass front through which the city below can be seen.

The Clock and the Lock

The door into the tower is as interesting as the clock. There is one key to the door. The lock is an intricate mechanism, much like the clock itself. The tower is thought to be the most secure place in Frostpine. Even more secure than the castle itself. The mechanism of the clock is made of the same bronze color metal as the lock on the door. The researchers may not know how the Grand Clock works, but they know it’s not made of bronze. It is made of a metal they have never seen before. Both the clock and the lock on the tower door are a technology they have never seen elsewhere.


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25 Aug, 2022 23:52

Now I really want to find out what metal they used and how the current people can use it themselves. o,o