Elvish Dictionary

Elvish Common Speach Variants Etymologie/Meaning
Dovare those who guide with light
The Dovare are the leaders of the Elves and normally there are always two of them. The word is coming from the elves who guided the first elves with torches in a caravan in their early days before settling down.
Divora one who holds the light
The Divora are those Elves who scouted in the early days the way ahead in front of the caravan and reported to the Dovare.
Jannalor Eternal Life
The elvish name for the Eternal Life
Dannalor Eternal Death
The Elvish name for the Eternal Death
Shihinon Sun
The Elvish name for the sun.
Jhaeros Moon
The Elvish name for the moon.
Belerion Child / young one
The Elvish name for those who are young and didn't experienced life. The ones who has to learn their ways. (zero to fivehundred years old)
Isif Maiden
The Elvish name for those who are going out into the world and give their best. Usually starting at fivehundred years and ending around one thousand years.
Junjuria Matriach
The Elvish name for those who wants peace and a family and get to know their roots and their future. Normally starting around one thousand years and ending around 1500 years.
Eilhovar Patronage
The Elvish name for those who wants peace and to tutor the new ones, the Belerion. They do know where they came from and they do know what they want. They are leaders of their community or settlement in regards of wisdom and knowledge. Normally starting around 1500 years and ending with their death.

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