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The Exile Grounds

Time, Space, Biology, Physics, Magic, and Perception are all warped in these alien lands. It is said that not even gods know how to safely traverse them, thus earning them the name the Exile Grounds, but any mortal who decides to wander in on a whim is usually never seen again.

Sitting at the far ends of the Outlands, this vast plane is mostly unknown. Everything about it that we accept as fact is, in truth, unconfrimed theory and conjecture. Many mortals have attempted to unravel its mysteries. All attempts to do so have either ended in flat out failure, or resulted in something much worse....

The only studied case of a mortal returning from the Exile Grounds was researcher Dr. Triv Racrum:

Dr. Racrum and his team traveled to the farthest known reaches of the Outlands and created a gate to an unknown spot in the Exile Grounds, traveling through it, much against his aid's protests. His associates kept the gate stable for as long as they could, and just before it collapsed, he reemerged from it. Much to the rooms horror, he had aged 87 years.

It is said that this realm connects all other fulcrums of reality like Kireon; however none but the beholders and mind flayers seem to know how to traverse it, for it is believed they originate from these lands, and understanding their motivations, language, and intentions is simply too complex for our minds.

Dimensional plane

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