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The Ethereal Realm

It is a plane out of phase. It is a place of ghosts and monsters. It is right next to you, and you don't even see it.


The Ethereal plane existed adjacent to the Prime Material Plane and connected it to the Inner planes (the Elemental planes plus the Energy planes). The Ethereal touched the Prime at all points through what was called the Border Ethereal. The non-Border region was called the Deep Ethereal. While in the Border Ethereal, a traveler could still see into the adjacent plane but only dimly and not very far, whereas those on the bordering plane could not see the traveler without magical detection. Verbal communication was not possible between the Border Ethereal and the bordered plane. The Ethereal was unique among the many planes in that an individual could exist in two planes simultaneously, the Border Ethereal and the adjacent plane, through a process of melding that could be induced voluntarily or could be forced through mundane or magical means.


This inky, soupy, black, realm that overlaps with every inch of the Prime Material Plane of Kireon and the dwelling place of empty and angry spirits / demons. Ghosts and other Incorporeal Beings roam this plane. It is used by higher (and lower) beings to enter and exit the PMP with ease and secrecy. The souls of all mortals slain on Kireon are immediately shunted to this realm because entities without any mortality cannot fully exist on the PMP. Incorporeal souls that are powerful enough can temporarily meld with the Prime Material Realm. They can also be forced to meld with this realm by alchemic or magical means. After death, souls in the Ethereal Realm will be targeted by the servants of the Deity that desires that particular soul. Souls with no one to look after them will become vengeful spirits or wraiths. Mortals that die in extreme distress or with immense emotional burden will sometimes be reborn into the Ethereal realm in a frenzy. This can sometimes cause them to shun the retrieval of their souls by the gods they worshiped in life. The emotions and perception of the circumstance of death can play a huge role in the development of the soul in the afterlife.


This Realm can be Divided into 2 Main parts: the Border Ethereal and the Deep Ethereal

Dimensional plane
Location under
Kireon - The Prime Material Plane
Included Locations
Border Ethereal
Deep Ethereal

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