The divine Basknut

Fame through rarity. What is Marchello‘s secret?

„I don’t know how they managed to cultivate this extinct fruit; I don’t care either.
What is important is that I can finally taste a dish out of my childhood again, heck, I even travelled here to Scamall for this and this reason only.
The divine basknut might be now the most popular restaurant of Etherium: every citizen of Do‘oshmi, who is older than 40, knows now of Marchello‘s elusive palace of oddities.“
Citizen of Do‘oshmi



Besides regular mid to high society dishes inspired by Etherian, Do‘oshmi‘s and Nemthi’s culture, the divine basknut serves countless dishes using either the meat part of the Basknut or the condensed smoke of that elusive fruit as a supplement for salt.
The taste of everything within these hard shells of that extinct nut are highly sought after and can get acquired in no other place. Even in the Stardistrict of Gemenskap, a market where one can find everything, even that market doesn’t host a single Basknut vendor.


Marchello values intimacy, a good atmosphere is half of his staff's service. Utilizing the technology of Etherium he was able to go all out on mood lighting without risking raising the risk of a fire spreading. Each table is decorated with a fluent metal torch and smart tablecloth to assure a perfect evening.
The atmosphere in general is set moody, with the torches and slim loophole windows serving as only light. The staff wears supportive gear to be able to see in the dark, to not trip over the expensive tapestry.
On the rooftop the guests can experience a majestic view through the atmosphere dome over the city in the sky, The dome is necessary to cope easily with the thin air of Scamall, a thing most foregin visitors struggle with.
But the view is very much worth it, even if the dome looks kinda odd completing the watchtower look with a futuristic cherry.


The divine basknut is a fairly modern-looking restaurant featuring 4 floors and a roof balcony able to hold up to 120 guests at once. Inspired by the edgeland architecture at the borders Nemthi/Do‘oshmi, the tall building remembers the spectator of a massive lookout tower, where the height of the avian treehouses meets the stone-cut enthusiasm of Nemthi’s castle-like buildings. The restaurant however got altered trading thick walls against much more space on the inside. The furnishing is a noble-like hybrid style of both countries, intertwined into a comfy yet military look.
The ground floor serves as the entrance hall. Designed by famous artists, the architecture slowly allay the guest allowing them to shed the everyday life giving in to the history of the edgelands being faithful to both cultures. Other than that does Marchello store his restaurant's ingredients behind the stairway to the first floor, in a closed down area.
The first and the third floor as well as the roof balcony host dining spots for the valued guests. The backside of the third floor got repurposed as a performance stage, where famous musicians, poets and comedians regularly entertain the guests.
The third floor is the most expensive to book when such events got scheduled.
The second floor hosts bar and kitchen. Marchello especially chose that floor to be his staff's realm, so that the unique smell of the Basknut dishes wafts up and down while keeping the fourth floor fairly neutral in smell.
On the fourth floor, there is, next to even more dining spots, a huge roundtable in the mid of the floor. One, that seemingly has seen much use already. Taking closer inspection one might notice, that the six seats of the table seemingly get used by valued regulars:
  • In front of one seat there are countless claw marks, the regular seemingly has anger issues they need to cope with.

  • The seat next to it appears nearly organic, regrown and chopped down many times. The surface of the table in front of that chair appears wild, not clean-cut like in front of the other chairs, but as if the wood doesn’t reside in one place.

  • The third seat appears normal, but slightly darker than the others. A velvet pillow adds a noble touch and the armrests are richly ornamented.

  • Next to it the wood of the chair appears black, tarnished, rotten; dead. Whoever resides there has a peculiar aura on them.

  • The second to last chair is riddled with holes, no matter where you inspect, you will find sand in the most inexplainable spots.

  • The final chair appears normal, nearly timid. Only a series of small notches at the side of the table counting the meetings grant that spot individuality. There are currently between 80 and 120 notches present.

  • History

    Locations for restaurants in Scamall‘s shopping district are quite expensive, especially near the western airship harbour. Not protected by the Zabrit grid, restaurants located here can vastly benefit from tourism and trade.
    Marchello had a vision. The avian desired to reawaken a dead taste helping Scamall become interesting for the people of Do‘oshmi inviting the avian nation to ogle with Etherium‘s rich history, visiting the city of the gods.
    It is a company secret of the Avian how he managed to cultivate Basknuts, but the mere reawakening of thought to be lost taste helped him become famous overnight allowing him to build a 5-Star restaurant recruiting some of the most skilled chefs of his parents' homeland.
    The divine basknut is one of the most elusive restaurants of the world utilizing the unique taste of Basknuts to create an addictive assortment of dishes, that can only be tasted in his restaurant.

    „I don’t care how much I have to pay for a seat in Marchello‘s divine restaurant.
    My family and I come here once per year to celebrate the Omenkneel, a national holiday.
    Tasting the dish of Omen … this divine smell … heavenly taste.
    No wonder the Sisters desired this nut as a sacrifice so much.“

    Senator Beeldschon


    Serving numerous dishes based on a, thought to be extinct, nut the restaurant attracts mainly the mid to high society of Do‘oshmi so they can experience the fruit of the underground stone trees once more.
    Even the Sisters of the Nest, the avid omenseekers, have left their country numerous times to taste the memory of past visions and stock up their reserves regarding unopened Basknuts to take back to the nest.
    Especially one of the sisters is a regular in this establishment usually dining on the fourth floor.

    „My visions in this restaurant are weird when inhaling the smoke of the nut, deriving briefly into the plane of visions.
    I am able to speak with powerful entities here, especially when that roundtable on this floor seemingly was in usage the day prior.
    I wonder who might dine there.“

    Äala Onrust
    Scribble of the divine nut (Proper art will follow) by Soulwing
    Founding Date
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
    Parent Location
    Additional Rulers/Owners
    Owning Organization
    Related Materials
    20 m x 18 m x 45 m
    Full list
    Being a symbol of the eternal 'friendship' between Do'oshmi, Nemthi and Etherium, the watchtower restaurant is a marriage between their cultures.


    „Soo … you desire to reawaken lost tastes, what an odd yet admirable wish.
    Color us interested in that proposal, Mister Modelli.
    My wife and I, we both like your idea.
    However ... finding a new source of basknuts for your country was our original deal, and this is vastly different.
    We might have to reevaluate the conditions.
    Three favors are not nearly enough for such a huge undertaking. Especially as my assistance is required to even get to the nuts we discovered.
    We don't need more favors, partner.
    But we can make a deal, a partnership if you want.
    We grant you and selected people access to the Basknuts to harvest them and make you a famous man.
    In exchange will this future restaurant be an ally to us, to the Acolytes.
    Also ... I and all my closest friends, current or future ones, can request to eat in that restaurant free of charge whenever we please and that in absolute privacy.
    Are you agreeing to these terms?
    It is a deal then. Welcome on board!"


    Formerly founded by the couple Furor and Videns as a way to have their dates in a safe space, the divine basknut evolved with the creation of the Acolytes of the Old to their go-to base of organisation and relaxation.
    The secret organisation regularly makes reservations to dine on the top floor of Marchello‘s restaurant on a huge round table.
    Whenever the Acolytes are present, the restaurant is closed and all guests and most of the staff are not allowed to visit the place.
    „A reservation in three days, 2pm?
    For three hours? The usual?
    Yesyes, I will prepare everything, master Opilio…what?
    A new member, Micor Havenborn?
    Wait ... I know that name ...
    No matter, I want to make a good first impression.
    I will prepare an assortment of our finest dishes for him!“

    Marchello (4998)

    Guestbook entry 5688:
    Our city has a new restaurant in town, am elusive place, that draws attention, rendering us interesting once more.
    I was pessimistic, that we will lose contact to the whole world when our radiant marshal's plans for world peace got betrayed, that the illegal invasion of Nemthi years later would put a surefire end to any of our relations with all our past allies.
    I am so thankful for Sir Modelli's decision to open the Basknut in our beautiful city in the sky. As an Eternal I might not be able to enjoy the basknut dishes, but my analysis programs showed me the wonders of its taste and smell, a miracle of bits and bytes. I understand now why this restaurant got so successful and I, Terminus of the Eternal Counsel, will herby put the divine Basknut in our etherian funding program. For supporting this tourist magnet with us gods' support. For that a state of normality shall return one day.

    5/5 Stars

    -Terminus, divine leader of the Silent Watchers-

    Material | Mar 23, 2022

    An thought to be extinct nut from deep down below.

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