Project "Changeling"

"Remember Unimata, this project is our secret baby.
We will succeed in merging the miraculous capabilities of your cyber body with the immortalizing capabilities of the mine.
We are now working for many centuries to render Changeling to be the best Eternal ever built by me. No words to any of these upstart 'Gods'!
I would like us to be able to choose the soul piloting that robot, and not them.
May this wonderwork aid the one, who will finally set us all free."
  Changeling is an exemplary work of art crafted with aid of all the knowledge present within the erased timeline. Its head-engineer, the Eternal E.V.0, is one of the very few survivors of the catastrophe holding her memories close to her artificial brain. Utilized by the Eternal Counsel to create new Demigods, she resides in a prison in an unknown place with only her Automaton partner Unimata as assistant and friend.

When the time came for action, Changeling finally found its purpose in aiding the soul of Itino to return from an unavoidable death into a fresh body.  
"The gift of life, provided once more by you two.
I thank you from the bottom of my now artificial heart, mothers.
I vow I will use that second chance in your favour to allow you to escape"



Changeling is a 'tiny' humanoid Eternal with male proportions. Its whole body consists out of a special material supplemented out of the DNS of a Cyber Automaton. These thick blackish-grey strands of what appears to be segmented steel cables are building the muscular base pattern of the Eternal. They, however, don't feel like steel at all, Itino's partner described them rather as 'metallic sausages that couldn't feel less like the muscles of a robot. They appear warm and oddly alive.'
The second thing one notices is the screen-like face of Changeling. In this form, the face and emotions of the holder get simulated by pictograms appearing in colours reflecting the very soul of the pilot.
An octahedral glowing gem in the centre of the Eternal' chest serves as a soul-casket for the pilots mortal remains. Its colouring and brightness vary with the mental state of the incased soul.
Itino by Soulwing98
Finally on the left arm of Changeling houses the special gadget that provides the Eternal frame with the ability to transform. A simple rotary control interface, able to swap between up to eight saved forms to morph into. The regulator is genetically secured and can only be turned by Itino, E.V.0, Unimata and those Itino trusts the most.


Itino looked down at his control panel, where the freshly implanted genetic disc got finally accepted by the system. A pictogram of an Arcadian Drago appeared in the digital screen covering the disk. He was now able to not only change into his former self but now into a perfect copy of his generous donator Arasa.
His face interface appeared now in a small formless smirk as the system confirmed that enough matter was concentrated within his body to support the morph into a 1:2 scale copy of the Drago. The demigod was simply too curious to not attempt a test-drive of his new body. He turned the switch of the interface to the new red symbol and prepared himself for what was coming next.
He remained motionless in a T-pose until the familiar cracking and bursting started. The organic matter in his artificial belly got pumped through each tube mimicking the muscular tissue of a human. But as the data passed the tubes they immediately began to change. While they began stretching and bending into the skeleton of a Drago Itino realized way too late that the living room of Raja's apartment was way too small for such a foolish endeavour. His screen face moulded slowly into the typical snout form of a lizardkin while growing in size showing the screen now highly cautions and concerned.
However, when the wings and tail skeleton expanded he realized that it was either him or his love's apartment. Itino redisputed the weight of the wings to let them grow in an arc not damaging anything around him. The skeleton was now built completely and the next step got confirmed by the system. Muscles!
Like as if it was the doing of 3D-spray doses, the organic body of his got printed layer for layer on the tube skeleton. Minutes passed until finally he could spectate how the scaly skin got created over the feminine muscle skeleton. This step happened instantaneously with an unsettling 'Plop' and Itino found himself now in the body of Arasa...and completely and fully unable to move.

When the snow elf arrived hours later she couldn't believe her eyes seeing itino remaining fully motionless in that form until his batteries recharged to change back. With mock serenity, Raja sat down in her favourite chair and looked up with a warm smirk:

"So that's what you meant with going shopping today. You are looking stunning, gorgeous."


Sleep and Recuperation

While the process of sleep is quite useless for the ever recharging batteries of an Eternal, Changeling does benefit from a good night's sleep. Shutting down all advanced internal functions and retreating into the vegetative state of being asleep allows the body to further enhance the organic matter in the Eternal's system reducing it much more than else.
Resting allows Itino to undergo his transformation into his mortal body without spending all of his reserves. Only with the additional support of a nourishing breakfast alone a second transformation into a being of different size, a Drago for example, is possible.
Transformations within the same weight class are in that state always possible.
However, transforming back from oversized morphs locks the ability into the current form until being able to rest again rebooting the system.
Changeling by Soulwing98
Item type
Unimata & E.V.0
Demigod Itino
The ultimate immortal shapeshifter, made to aid its controller to blend in everywhere.
First appears in:

A piece of Heaven

A Novum!

  To assure Changeling's ability to undergo a true transformation without violating the laws of science or upset the Veil, E.V.0 saw herself opposed with her greatest challenge yet.
"Where do we harness the organic matter from!?"
  After many failed attempts to grant the fibre of the suit the ability to absorb matter, E.V.0 eventually remembered how her former mortal body worked. A simple need she hadn't felt for an eternity was necessary to provide the necessary nutrients to allow the morphing body to merge into flesh and bones. The Eternal needed the ability to consume organic matter into its system.
Food! That's how we do it!
We somehow allow Changeling to eat, analyse and recreate the organic tissue on a molecular level into flesh, organs, hair or scales.
Sure, the body will not be 100% biological matter, but enough to be convincing!
Their unparallel craft went far past the bare necessities. The simulated stomach system went far beyond the initial task of restructuring the food into highly concentrated 'food' for Changeling's ability. Even in its base form, the holder can taste all food consumed rendering its later owner Itino the very first Eternal, who didn't had to abandon any mortal sins.

Cover image: by Vertixico


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Changeling *did* deserve its own article.

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No kidding :P (The short btw is set only minutes after ‚The Favour’ ends)

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Nice article and great drawing :D   Did EV0 design the changeling while in prison or before that?   'metallic sausages that couldn't feel less like the muscles of a robot. They appear warm and oddly alive.' That sounds very nice…   " The second thing one notices is the screen-like face of Changeling. In this form, the face and emotions of the holder get simulated by pictograms appearing in colours reflecting the very soul of the pilot." I'm getting a mixed message here. Is it the person inside or the viewer that see the colours?   I like how you've explained the necessity for food and sleep.   You've alluded to it, but are there other people with similar body or is it just a possibility for the future? Though in the narration bit (and that's a nice one by the way) you say that Itino went shopping for his DNA-changing stuff, so does that mean that they are enough people out there like that for there to be a market?   Also, I'm not completely clear with the difference between EV0's and the changeling's bodies. Is it the transformation capability?

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Ok, that’s a bit to unfurl, but I will try to answer all your questions ^^   First of all, this will be all a bit of a spoiler for my novel A piece of heaven. So if you want to read it I suggest skipping the following sections:     ... Still here? Alright. 1. E.V.0 in prison. E.V.0 is the First ever mortal, who succeeded in creating an immortal body and placing her soul in the ‚heart‘ of it. She is known to be the first ever Eternal, and as such her knowledge of the process is valuable. So valuable that her four children Terminus, Vigor, Notitia and Justitia (all Eternals as well) decided to imprison their mother after their purge of the old world order. E.V.0 is now hidden since 5000 years hidden in a prison bunker of unknown location, only meters apart from her husband, and gets forced to build further Eternals for new „Demigods“ of the Eternal counsel.     The face: You see the gem in the chest? Inside of it is Itino‘s soul. This is the person piloting the Eternal. He can show on the Black screen of his face his emotions via eyes or pictograms. They are yellowish orange because that is the color of the aura of Itino‘s Soul.     There are other Eternals with similar yet different bodies. Just look at my main page and there you can see the Eternal counsel. Furthermore there exist so called Sudo-Eternals. These are Eternals built by people other than E.V.0. They are not truly immortal but can live up to 1500 years before the acidic soul bites itself out of the soul-casket. is quite a euphemism to call it ‚shopping‘. I don’t want to spoil too much, because I wrote a Novelette in „Tales from Scamall“ regarding the ‚shopping Tour‘. Just so much. His contract got him the genetic pattern of the drago not knowing what he planned to do with it.     Difference between E.V.0s and Itino’s body? They are both made of metal and immortal, but that’s where the similarities end. E.V.0 can be seen as a prototype...better I just show it to you:

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Yep. A piece of heaven and after that tales from Scamall.   The shorts are loose one 1k-3k shorts of my many characters.   Have fun :3

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This was a really great read!

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I am glad you enjoyed the read. ^^   Feel free on checking out the Arcadian Drago article as well, then you can see how Itino looks like when changing into that wonderous looking giantess :D

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Not gonna lie, accidentally shapeshifting too big sounds hilarious.

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