Arkadia: Monsters' land

Welcome to Arkadia! Once a great peaceful place, now filled with monsters. Worry not, in the city there are no monsters, but you are a god-sent! You must already know this. You are send by the god of █████ and your mission is to help the other god-sents to clean this land. We mortals are here to help you with what we can. Follow me, I'll give you a tour!

Arkadia: Monsters' land is a RPG from Altrea dimension that, while it is recommended to be multiplayer, can be played singleplayed. The game happens in the land of Arkadia, where Sitvanity use to live succesfully and everywhere, but now they hide in the city of Arkadia, in the middle of the ocean while waiting for the god-sends (the players) to help them conquer the world again by killing monsters and restoring old buildings.

Game's lore

Time ago, an ancient civilization (called Zula) discovered how to create an infinite source of mana, and so they created it. But what happened was not what was expected. Most living things started dying shortly after this source was activated and their bodies started changing. After a week, the deads were not rotting, the bodies were completely different and... they started moving. They were not dead anymore (at least most of them), but they turned into monsters, and started hunting the Zula.

The Zula ran away to the ocean, where they found an archipelago, away from mainland, and decided to settle down there after making sure there were not any monster. They decided to start calling themselves Sitvanity to leave their past behind and start anew. And so they lived in "peace" for a thousand years, praying to the gods that the monsters would not approach their new home. It was then when the first god-sent appeared.

The god-sent barely knew anything about this planet other than they had to help the Sitvanity recover their lost territories. This was the first god-sent and was followed by thousands more god-sents, but monsters also grow the numbers. The fight is still going on and neither side seems to be winning or losing.


The players act as god-sents, a warrior who was trained by their god and then sent down to Arkadia to fight monsters and help the Sitvanity. They will level up by fighting monsters, discovering new places, and doing missions, NPC will help getting good equipment and sometimes leveling up certain abilities.

Players do not have a race to choose from (as their character will look the same as their avatar), but they do choose a class and the god that sent them and both will give the player special abilities.

There is a limit of three characters for non-premium avatars which goes up to eight slots when the avatar is a premium user.



Strong god-sent that favor the weapons and physical attacks rather than magic. They can be usually seen with armours of all kind and armed to the teeth (with the monk exception).

Jake of all fighting skills, master of none. The fighter is the recommended warrior class for a new player as it versatile with all weapons and armours and has an average life, strenght and stamina. Does not have magical ability.
Monks are warriors who know the weak points of the monsters and use that knowledge to apply debuff to the monsters to kill them easier. They do not use weapons (except some staffs and small throwing weapons) nor armour.

Light feet
Light feet are experts on distance and light weapons, light armor and are great at exploring and hiding. They have quick attacks and use the terrain at their advantage. They tend to use poisons and acids on their attacks.
While not being the stronger warrior, it is still stronger than mages. The Tanks is the class with the best defense. They tend to go straight to the enemies and kill them without caring that they are being hit. Tanks like to use shields.


Powerful god-sents who have the power of magic at their hands. Usually not that well armed, you tend to see them with weird magical artifacts.

Support mages specialize on buffing allies or themselves while debuffing enemies. They also use healing and necrotic spells.
Conjurers mages specialize on invoking weapons, armour, creatures from different planes and even raising death creatures.

Destructor mages cast elemental spells that attack other enemies. Casting a spell of certain element gives them temporal resistence to it.
Puppeter mages specialize on control the enemies and animals. They make enemies attack their own people or animals to work for themselves.


The players can choose between 6 gods (there are more gods in the lore) and they will give a background, a secondary quest and abilities to the players.


God of life and death.
Gives a buff to healing and to damage (extra if its necrotic damage). Conjured creatures have more duration, health and do more damage.


God of light and dark.
Gives darkvision, a buff to stealth and players cannot be blinded. It has two abilities: inspiration and fear; that can be activated once a day.


God of the forge
Allows to craft stuff rather than buying it. Gives a small buff to all effects, damage and resistance that the crafted items give.


God of war, trickery and protection.
Gives buff to damage, defence and speed. Illusions last longer. It can do a rallying cry to encourage allies and themselves twice a day.


God of knowledge and arcana
Allows to enchant items rather than buy them. Gives a buff to potions made by the player and spell damage (including summoned creatures).


God of nature
Gives extra materials when gathering or mining. Buffs animals and enemies being controled, cooked foods give buffs, and natural remedies heal extra.

Main locations

City of Arkadia

The city of Arkadia is the main Sitvanity's settlement. It is where player spawn for the first time and where they can rest before they get a house. Here, the players get most of their missions, gear, training, healing (or rest), and it is the main hub to sell the obtained items.

city has connections to the other continents and stablished sea lanes to the nearest coast settlements. It also has three portals that lead to the main settlement of the three continents (portals might be locked if player is heavily underleveled).

City of Arkadia
Other settlements

Scattered around the three continents, there are 21 small settlements located on fairly secure places, where Sitvanity start recovering their lost territory from monsters with the help of god-sents.

Ancient ruins

Scattered around the world, these ruins were once home for the Zula and are now infested with monsters. Some have been cleaned from monsters with the help of warriors and god-sents. In the ruins is where the most settlements of Sitvanity can be found, but they come with the danger of being conquered again by the monsters.


Found around the world, the so called dungeons are home for some monsters that are not roaming around the world as many do. Players have many missions related to cleaning this dungeons from monsters or obtaining items that ended up in this dungeons.

Player's houses
Players can buy houses, and there are two kinds of houses: city houses and islands.
  • City houses: These are appartments that players can buy to live in the city of Arkadia. They are not specially big most of them and only have a place to rest and a place to safe items; some appartments (the most expensive) have more rooms to look more like a house (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc). These are the cheapest player's houses.
  • Islands: The most expensive houses. This gives the player a personal island where they can build whatever they desire (if there is an option in-game and the game is monthly adding new content). It could have a house, a stable, a harbour, a blacksmith, etc. There are three kinds of islands: small, medium, and big, each one more expensive than the previous one.

Main quests

A new world, a new start

This is the first quest a character gets when joining the game for the first time, and it is the longest storyline in the game.

It starts as a tutorial, showing the player the mechanics and the basic lore of the game. It send the player to dungeons at a start and slowly the player has to save settlements from monsters. Sooner than expected, the player will discover why them and other god-sents have been sent to this world to save it.


This are a serie of quests sent to the players by their gods to improve the abilities they have recieved by the gods.

by Catoblepon
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Famous NPC


Hero screenshot (4).png

A renowned necromancer who takes care of the graveyard and lives toghether with some crows, his husband Caliu and multiples reanimated cats and mouses. Carriot, an undead big dog, and Springs, a big reanimated rat, follow him when goes out his house.
He gices quests related to necromancy and undead creatures, buys uncommon or rarer bones, and sells components for necromancy spells.



Caliu loves to cook for his husband and guests and loves to try new flavours and ingredients. He frequently has one or two crows perching on his antlers, as once there was a bad storm in the graveyard that destroyed a tree that crows were nesting in, so Khroz built a nest in Caliu's antlers for the bird family to have somewhere safe and warm to raise the chicks. He sell amazingly delicious food and snacks (both healthy and unhealthy) and offer discounts if a character brought him a rare fresh kill suitable for cooking, because he can make the food (like pies and stews and roasts) and Khroz will keep all of the bones/skeleton.


Xunian is a restless soul, they love to travel around and scavange things to later sell in the city. They can be seen in the city very specific days of the week and usually is with "Ynar", their adoptive granddaughter.


A traveling merchant of herbs, plants and woods. He also procures necromancers and mages with rare products such as strange plants, stones, gems. Has a side business, for a select few, selling hard to procure potions and poisons. Usually travels alone with a small one person cart, but sometimes he purchases a slot in a bigger caravan. He can be seen in the main outer cities and in the city of Arkadia during events.


In an unassuming shop, you can find her nestled in a stack of disorganized books and uncatalogued scroll cases. Make no mistake: she knows where everything is. Dani is a quiet bookseller with many secrets, and for the right price there are plenty of answers to be found in the seemingly haphazard piles of parchment and leather. You can buy books filled with lore about the game from her.


A young conjurer in service of Niarin. Perhaps more of an archeologist who uses the conjured critters to protect himself. Has a lot of side missions based on finding archeological objects and clearing small dungeons.


Nimkar is an animal handler and has a small stall in the city market where he sells food and leather harnesses for domestic pets. He can be hired to train birds of prey, dogs and horses and occasionally can be convinced to sell some of his new puppies or young trained birds.


An alchemist/potion maker and seller, who gives quests to bring her ingredients. She also like to have an excuse to make fun potions that explodes or due something gruesome and sometimes asks players if they want to help her test her potions.


A toy merchant that only opens his shop half a week as he spends the rest of it travelling around. He is willing to buy rare toys and will sell toys and games, mostly wood and rag toys.


He operate a small shop in a crowded busy alleyway near Danixie, serving food and selling information. His special plate are different variations of noodles.


Co-owner of the apothecary "Conifer Remedies: for the discerning adventurer" and partner of Emy. She is seen either in her shop reading, drawing or making crochet, or seen visiting Khroz and Caliu with Emy.


Has the apothecary "Conifer Remedies: for the discerning adventurer" with her partner Maddy. Loves mushrooms and visits a lot Khroz and Caliu with Maddy. Don't tend to interact a lot with the players.


Atlin is know for being a hard to find NPC. Not that they travel around, but she hides in the main city, each day in a different place. Finding her is rewarding, as she may sell some powerful items. Rumors talk that Atlin wasn't always alone and had some friends, but that she choosed to leave the group and be on her own.


A historian aprentice working in the Clio Library. He will buy ancient text from the players and sometimes give missions about rumours he might have heard or read.


When she got tired of adventuring and traveling with her friends in what she calls "The Land where stars fall", Kara retired to Arkadia. She runs a little workshop called Nyx's Wondrous Inventions where she repairs and sells artifacts inspired by one of her dear friends. Rumor has it that she's hiding something very important about her...


Solar is a known inventor and is responsible for the latest tecnologies that help the day a day of the Arkadians. She has a workshop and is nowadays centered in making something related to portals but hasn't said what exactly it is. She has a lovely orange cat that follows her around and has been trained to fetch her tools.


A student of languages and history, she is taken care by Xunian and is friend of Dei. She sells clothes to the players and sometimes sends them to side-quests for clothes' materials.


Thesalus Carrion (aka T. C.) is a shady guy who deals in book smuggling. They have a pretty bad reputation of being violent and dangerous, but really they are a nice guy - they are just always wrong place wrong time. They just like books and are shy, so they never speak much, which comes off as cold and all.

Wanna learn more about Arkadia?

Arkadia now has an online playable adventure! Feel free to check it and play it. Right now, it only has the first part, which is mostly to set up the character and give a introduction to the game so there aren't many options to pick from.

And if you like it, make sure to follow the world to be notified whenever there are new parts, and feel free to join my discord to talk about it!

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