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Written by Loremaster Aemon



Psychosis is not an illness,it is a symptom of physical or mental illness that affects the brain caused by Trauma or extreme Stress,but most commonly caused by Alcohol or Drug abuse.Once psychosis takes hold you begin to lose the sense of what is real and what isn’t,believing,seeing and hearing things are happening around you that just don’t exist.



  • Trauma: War breaking out in your Nation or your Village coming under attack by barbarians or Goblinoids is probably the worst thing that could happen to change the mental state of somebody.
  • Extreme Stress: The pressure of your working environment could cause you stress,if you were a miner for instance.The main cause of stress is unfortunately the death of a loved one.
  • Head Injury: The most common known reason for mental illness and psychosis is from an injury to the head.If an injury affects the brain causing swelling or a bleed then it is likely psychosis will follow or even death.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

  • Alcohol Abuse: Long term abuse of alcohol will eventually cause mental and physical instability.The body’s internal organs (Liver,Kidneys & Heart) will all be affected and this will ultimately end in death.
  • Drug Abuse:
    Drugs used on a regular basis will require an increase in the substance to reach the intended feeling,for most it is euphoric.Long term abuse will cause psychosis first.Withdrawal symptons when not using is usually the second condition,and lastly the body of the abuser will show signs that the drug addiction isn’t good.Weight loss,Hair loss,Dry mouth,Ulsers (Mouth and Stomache),bad rashes,paleness and tautness of the skin.

Mushrooms and other Fungi


Ingesting mushrooms can sometimes cause a psychotic event,not always,and it depends on the mushrooms eaten.If looking for this mushroom ‘high’ on purpose,as some people do,they are either eaten raw after washing or boiled with herbal leaves and water into a kind of mushroom tea.


Khat Addiction,Alcohol abuse,Trauma or Extreme Stress


Warning signs a Friend or Family member might notice

  • The ability to think clearly and having trouble concentrating (Confusion)
  • Overly Suspicious and the overwhelming feeling of unease (Paranoia)
  • Hygiene becomes a secondary thought,getting worse over time (Uncaring)
  • Preferring to be alone not around others (Seclusion)
  • A lack of emotion or the other extreme of overreacting to the most trivial things (Unstable)

Symptoms of a Psychotic Event

  • Visual Hallucinations: You see things or people that are not really their,or your perception of what you do see is clouded so that everything appears strange or weird looking.
  • Delusional: If you are usually dutiful to your chosen Deity,abiding by their laws and customs,now you act the complete opposite,opposing everything you hold dear and believe in.If others of your faith are present you make no sense to them,if you go too far with your mutterings and actions,you could be banished for blasphemy.
  • Auditory Hallucinations: Seeing things that are not really there is bad enough,but hearing things can be far worse.Those voices in your head telling you to commit the most disturbing or evil acts.You can’t help yourself from looking over your shoulder every few minutes thinking you heard someone or something close behind you.


  • Firstly:Your physician will suggest you avoid using drugs and alcohol.
  • Secondly:
    You will be instructed to visit an Alchemist to procure herbal remedies such as Teas,Tinctures and Tonics.Alchemists are not cheap,most addicts won’t be able to afford this and would probably return to alcohol or drugs as they are more affordable.
  • Lastly: As a last resort the addict might need Divine assistance from Clerical priests at a nearby Temple.Divine magic is not always given freely.

by Christine E.S

Khat Addiction (pronounced Chat)


Khat: The most used drug is Khat,easy to supply and affordable.Khat is a root,it has a similar look to root ginger,but is brownish-Black in colour.Only found in the forested areas of Talosia and Talaria.    

A Choice of Usage

  • Ingested: Khat can be chewed raw or cut into small pieces and boiled with herbal leaves as a tea.
  • Smoked: dried,Finely cut,then crushed to powder,added to dried leaves and smoked.
Smoking Khat.jpg
by DeviantArt
by ipmimages
Empty Glass Bottles.jpg
by wisebread

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Cover image: by Christine E.S


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