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I.M.P.S: The Investigators of Magic for Public Safety

"I saw it. I know I saw it. It was there. I can't be dreaming- no- I need.. to tell.. the others.." -The last recorded message of the injured I.M.P.S member
        I.M.P.S Is an organization working on investigating the corrupted magic currently going on in Kathrir. The magic had been speeding up and slowing down mana currents, causing problems when casting spells. Even a tiny gust of magical wind could become a storm big enough to swallow a large city. Needless to say, this was a problem. When they tried to investigate, one of their members fell into the currents want appeared on the other side of the world, dazed, badly injured, and trying to fight mana overexposure. (A state when all mana is overloaded, if they stay overloaded then the mana may burn out completely with very bad side effects on the patient) Luckily they survived, but was only able to describe what happened with 'terrifying'. A few days later they were in better shape, but still unable to talk about it without seemingly having flashbacks to whatever happened in the caves down there. The rest of I.M.P.S headed back to the caves to look, but the mana level had doubled and was going way faster than before. After retreating to not lose anyone else, the brainstorming started to find a way to figure out what was going on. While that happened, every day the current rose and became way faster until it was practically rapids. Eventually they built a submarine that could withstand the currents, and sent someone in. a few hours in and the transmissions were getting fuzzy, but still there. When the submarine returned, its captain came out shaken and relived. He described a shadow wayyy down underneath the currents, which launched the submarine out of the currents within seconds of being seen. Investigations are still underway, and I.M.P.S eagerly awaits new information, hoping they can stop this once and for all.


There are 3 Commanders, Each in control of 50 Squads of 100 members each.

Public Agenda

To investigate the corrupted mana currents and make them safe again.


Lots of funding, a few troops,a couple ships.
Art is drawn by me, made with Ohuhu Markers
Founding Date
Corporation, Security
Alternative Names
Controlled Territories

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30 Aug, 2022 01:21

Wow, so fascinating! I would have expected most organizations of this sort to be more oppressive, but here is a group of people focused on fixing a problem in the world. Fascinating! All the best of luck to them - I'm curious to find out what's going on with the mana currents myself. Great job! P.S. I love the artwork!

Autumn Riverwood
1 Sep, 2022 12:53

Thank you so much!! Yeah, I was expecting that too but story stuff got moved around and here we are! The art was also really fun to draw. I'm so glad you liked the article!