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Aniberus is the Realm of Light, home of the gods, and the main source of divine magic. All types gods roam amongst the vast floating islands, learning, creating, or just enjoying the scenery. Despite the "Everything is perfect in Aniberus" idea that some people of the Realms think, increasing unrest and corruption plagues the land.. and could possibly take it's magic.


Aniberus's geography resembles an archipelago of floating islands, each covered with rolling hills, rivers, and forests. If you look off into the distance from one of these islands, you won't see too far as it is either pure sky or clouds tinted golden by the sun.


Aniberus's enviroment is home to only celestials, either the gods themselves or creatures they created to live there, which is why seeing ten creatures in one place is incredibly rare as they do not create many creatures nowadays, only a few each century.

Localized Phenomena

  • Magic Rifts
(A phenomenon where some of the magic in the plane will "Corrupt" and expose portals to other planes.)
  • Rivergates
(To keep the water from the rivers from vanishing, the rivers will sometimes massively swell as more water is magically added.)

Natural Resources

Materials from Aniberus are highly magical, and very sought after. The wood is mostly used in wands or staffs, the stone in building magical structures, and so on. The demand for these natural resources eventually got so high that the gods closed all portals to Aniberus, in fear that it would turn into a desperate wasteland if people could take what they please, but this was not a permanent solution due to the increasingly frequent rifts popping up.


Aniberus was one of the Three Realms created by Ashren in the first hour. After Ashren retreated into a deep sleep in the Palace of the Gods (which is in Aniberus), the five primordals they also created got to work populating all three realms. Aniberus got a handful of celestial creatures, only about 100 due to the fact the dimension was relatively small compared to its brethren, Kathrir and Akumasu, and the fragility of it's ecosystem.
Alternative Name(s)
The Realm of Light
Dimensional plane
Included Organizations
Characters in Location
Related Tradition (Primary)

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