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First and greatest of the crafted races, the Titans were gigantic creatures capable of flattening cities with the palm of their hand or a stomp of their foot. Word has it they were builders created by Keranos the Forger to help shape the world as we know it. Greatest of the Titans was Basharr the Forgefather.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

The average titan had the physique of the modern humanoid, two arms, two legs a head, eyes, mouth, ears, nose and all. However they stand as the neutral party to all in their appearance. No more human than orc, no more elven than gnome. Unlike all races however they had no muscle or skeleton to speak of. While they appeared flesh like and acted like fleshy beings, bleeding and feeling pain, they had no inner structure to speak of. As such they were incredibly durable as no blow could strike anything vital to impair them. Rumour has it even their eyes do not dictate their sight.

Genetics and Reproduction

Titan-kind is known not to reproduce naturally. The world has never seen more Titans appear in any way shape or form, nor has it seen many die.

Growth Rate & Stages

A titan is at a peretual age of adulthood from creation onward, it's body does not decay nor does it change however it ages alike any mortal spanning over millions of years.

Ecology and Habitats

Due to their design to shape the world, they can survive any climate they find themselves in, from the highest peaks to the deepest trenches.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Titans have been recorded in nearly all cultures, from those high on the mountains, deep underground or on the open oceans.

Average Intelligence

While none have ever been spoken too, they have been recorded to craft beautiful architecture by hand as well as be masters of hand to hand combat, showing they are far more intelligent than mindless workers.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Capable of sensing life and all living things within several miles around them as well as feel the vibrations anything sends through the earth from the greatest war-mammoth to a fly landing on a tree stump.

Scientific Name
Immortal by age.
Average Height
800-1000m 2,624-3,280ft
Average Weight
1000-2000 Tons. 2.140.000-4.409.245 LBS.
Average Physique
Most Titans are average physically formed, with no particular muscle or bone to speak of, they had a standard and rigid look to them.

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