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The Tel-al-devir are an ancient race of world builders created by the gods for the purpse of building the lands and objects of the known world and area well beyond. The were created of the deep world building magics used by the gods, but limited with the capabilities to create the lands, waters and skies of this part of the Plane of Karenth.   The Tel-al-devir are a black humanoid varying in height from two meters to some being hundreds of meters tall. They are faceless save their eyes, genderless, and seem to be made mostly of mass. Their eyes glow a deep purple with red sparkles deep in the depths of their view.   If encountered, they are mostly inert in this day and age having completed their tasks millions of years ago. Once they completed, they sat down where they were and awaited further instructions, of which none had come since the Dragon and Diety War.   Mountains and hills have swallowed many of the Tel-al-devir, as have bodies of water. Their bodies continue to remain timeless and unharmed by the passing of age or debris an liquids on them. Should a diety come back and program the being, they would resume with their new duties.   The bodies of the tel-al-devir are immune to natural damage, and they heal magical damage exceptionally quickly. However they will animate to defend themselves, and flee at the first opportunity.   Their worldbuilding magics allow them to create rock, earth, water, ice and vegetation at will in area up to a mile distant. Some have the abiltiy to create simple life.   The Displaced have not found any of the tel-al-devir at this point in time, and havce only found a few mentions of them in the found literature, and always without context as to what they are or what they can do.   The Creation of the Plane of Karenth

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