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Silver elf

Silver elves are one of the subsets of elves. They are rare in Els'tar, and only two pure silver elves live in the known world of Karenth, Leaf Swiftarrow and Tilinay Ailistan.   Silver elves are normally a couple inches taller than high or wood elves. Their hair ranges from white to silver to silvery black with most elves wearing it long or very short. Their skin is pale white to a dull silver complexion. A few silver elves have been born with very dark skin and these individuals are often prophesized as having important futures.   The eyes of silver elves are varied, with most being purple or silver. However the colors range from blue, red, green, black and yellow to purple, silver, or rarely copper.   Silver elves are special in that their lineage is very close to the fey. They are only a few handful of generations removed from they ancestors crossing with the high elves. As such, they have a lifespan of many thousands of years, and never really age much once they reach adulthood.   Silver elf children grow up at a rate similar to humans, being physically fully grown by the age of 25. Socially they are not considered grown until the age of 100-120 depending on the familiy and the individual.   During their time growing up, they are taught a number of different skills by various people throughout the community. Languages, archery, combat, strategy, tactics, the natural world, living with nature, history, magic, and fey studies are all part of childrens' education. Higher math beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as engineering and sciences are only taught to a few.   Most silver elves learn multiple crafting skills, and at least one skill very well. Common skills include blacksmithing, silver and gold smithing, stone carving, wood working, wood carving, weaving, coopering, cobbling, coopering, carpentry, healing, brewing, cooking, leatherworking, and so forth.   With long lifespans, most silver elves learn 5-10 crafting skills fairly well.   Silver elves tend to be homebodies. They like to spend time in their communities and rarely travel outside of the silver elf communities. When they do travel, it is normally to see the high elves or the fey. However, a few silver elves get the need for walkabout and adventuring. This tends to run in families and appears to be genetic.   Magic runs strong in the silver elves. All of them can cast at least a few spells once they have trained up a bit, and many of them are gifted with inate spell casting abilities. Silver elves tend to have arcane magics, and a few are gifted with divine abilities and a few have both, such as Tilinay Ailistan.   For all of the benefits of silver elves, they are not fond of other races, and even see some of the short lived races as nothing more than pests. Most notably, humans are often, but not by all, seen as worthless rabbits who destroy the world.   Silver elves are allergic to wrought iron, but not steel. Thus blacksmiths turn iron to steel quickly, and wrought iron will never be found in their possession. When the elves do travel, they are careful what they eat, because food cooked in an iron pot or Dutch oven can be fatel.

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