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Magister of the Guild

The Magister of the Guild is a title bestowed upon an individual as leader of the Guild of Investigation. The Magister directly represents the Guild, and acts as a voting member of the Nethen Council.   The Magister performs the duties necessary to promote security within Netheen world. Primarily, they work directly with senior agents and planners to schedule and operate important missions. Numerous other managing specialists work with lower level operatives. In addition, they report necessary activities ot the Nethen Council.   They reside in the original capital and origin of the Nethen people, Nethizen, and work out of the building listed to the public as the Bounty Hunters Guild.   In all cases the Magister comes from the ranks of senior operatives when the position is vacant. They are selected by internal ballot among important members and senior operatives within the Guild.   Normally the Magister will also be among the more powerful wizards of the guild, but this is not necessary. From time to time, someone is selected who has an insignificant amount of magic, but a superior grasp of the guild, and the needs of the intelligence community.   The Magister will also mentor members of the guild as necessary to some extent, but usually for very short durations due to the responsibilities of the role.   Once an individual becomes a Magister, they cease field work as their presence is necessary to run the guild and the larger operations.   The Nethen Council or a ballot of senior members of the guild can cause or ask for the removal of the current Magister.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
My Lord
Length of Term
As long as desired, but usually 10-20 years.

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