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Golden Cloak Taproom

The taproom of the Golden Cloak Inn and Tavern in Grayton's Lot is one of primary points in the city where merchants and caravan owners will go to discuss business or relax. In addition several local business owners and wealthy ship captains also visit on occasion.   The taproom is large, with over fifteen tables and some long common tables in the center of the room near the barbeque pit. There are three other fireplaces including one adorning the stage at one end of the room. Opposite the two sets of doors from outside sits the bar proper with proud patron, Nathen Cloak often serving drinks and preparing orders for tables from his perch at the bar. Two to five serving girls work the room at all times when the bar is open based on how busy they are. Two of the girls are Nathan's daughters, and the other three are hired hands working for a small amount plus tips, which can be quite good in the establishment.   Music is often performed live during the evenings on the stage. Some are wandering musicians looking to make a few coins or for a meal and a room, while others are full travelling troops of musicians invited to perform when they can, and often staying for several performanes. During the day, lesser performers try their hand and talents in the hopes of finding a patron, or a hot meal.   Golden Cloak taproom is a prime place to find merchants and caravans, or even find guards who can accompany the travels of a caravan or other party, for the right price. If someone is looking to buy or sell goods not commonly found elsewhere, this is the place to go to find a middleman or other entrepaneur who might be willing to make a few coins under the right situations. Prices are normally reasonable for such services, but there are always people trying to prey on the unknowing, so one must be on their guard.   One of the most unique features in the taproom is the dark corner between the bar and the stairs going up. In that corner is a large matress of straw and fur. It is not uncommon to see a large wolverine sleeping there. The wolverine is the familiar of Nathan's wife, Natelie Cloak. Even when sleeping the wolverine is fully alert and cannot be snuck up on, and will immediately attack anyone who threatens any member of the staff. Otherwise, the wolverine sleep, or wanders off to the kitchen when it is hungry.   The menu served in the taproom varies from day to day and is adjusted based on seasonality and availability of ingredients. Since so many travellers come through, it is not uncommon for rare spices, herbs, and food, to be served in the Golden Cloak.

Sample Menu Items

  • Breakfast: Leftover soup from the night before, grain cereal, eggs, sausage, biscuits, yogurt, fresh fruit, bread, cheese, pie
  • Lunch and mid day: Soup, bread, cheese, fruit, mince pie, leftover breakfast
  • Dinner: Soup, salads, steak, roast duck, pies, rice pudding, roast, roasted vegetables, and anything else the staff can come up with.
  • All Day: Bread, cheese, fruit, raw vegetable and dip
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