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Dredskin (dredskin)

Recently a small farming community east of Oasis on the Edge on the Karenth Centralis, Continent of was destroyed when a major earthquake shook the region and opened a crevase from below outside the city. The earthquake damaged some of the buildings, but released a hord of darkskin hunched humanoid who came and destoyed the populace and town the next night.   The hord was made of dredskin, a black skinned race of subterreanean bipedal creatures, roughly 2 meters tall, and extremely hostile. They do not fight much among their own kind unless resources are slim, but they can be found in caves and deep areas throughout the known world.   They are normally clothed with fur and skins of underground creatures, and armed with stone axes, clubs and slings. While hostile to outsiders, they have a wealth desirable to topsiders in the form of precious metals and gems. On very rare occasion, they have done trade with adventurers.   Dredskin is a Displaced name for the species, but does not equate well to their culture. Under the ground throughout the known world, the dredskin have communities in large caverns. The farm kelp and raise a form of blind fish and a type of lizard for food and clothing. They have intricate rituals for marriage, going to war, and perform numerous type of music. Their populace also contains casters of various schools, some of whom use magic to help shape stone structures.   Dredskin are hunted underground by larger rock burrowing species, and are always wary of such creatures. They will flee when possible, but will fight hard if needed. When a community manages to kill one of the large creatures, it's a time for celebration, and they will cook the flesh and use the skin for armors or clothing depending on the creature killed.

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