Communication stone

Communications stones were magical devices allowing one user to speak to one user who had the matching stone. This allowed for private communications between two individuals, and the receiver would hear the voice of the speaker in the mind. The devices were a one to one match, but they could be reassociated with another stone. It was also possbile to create communication rings between several people by associating stones in a ring: A -> B, B -> C, C -> D, D -> A. Few of these stones have been found since the Displaced arrived in Karenth.   The Nethen used the stones to speak long distances, especially when travelling. Some people even had multiple stones associated to several individuals. They were often well organized and labeled so as to not be confused. Later on the Nethen would create a type of magical telephone that superceded the communication stones and put them into disuse. None of these phones have been found by the Displaced.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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